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  Brook Stetson vs. Skrapper

A breath-taking bear hug

Brook revels in his camel clutch

Brook goes for a dragon sleeper

An armbar has Skrapper in trouble

Skrapper's neck trapped between big hairy Brook's hamstring and calf, pinning him flat to the mat

Anyone Got a Slingshot?

Give Skrapper credit - he's not intimidated by the big bruiser as they square off on the mats. His face is determined as he looks for an opening to take the big man down - and even though Brook just laughs at his initial attempts, Skrapper stays cool. The lightweight is quick and slippery, wriggling out from the big man's holds with an almost unbelievable ease time and time again. It soon becomes apparent that Skrapper's boasts aren't idle talk - if he and Brook were the same size, he'd be dominant! And despite Big Brook's strength - the holds Skrapper applies on him are so involved and torturous he can't power out of them! As the match goes on, Brook's handsome smile and laugh fade as he realizes that not only is this kid good - if he isn't careful, he might just lose his first BG East match to a guy half his size!

And still Skrapper keeps on coming as Bruiser Brook Stetson has to start using his superior strength and weight to hold the kid off from scoring one of the most shocking upsets in the history of BG East - and Big Brook begins to respect the skill, fight and heart in his much smaller opponent. But the odds against the kid are overwhelming, and as the match drags on without a clear winner, he begins to grow tired and weaker - and Big Brook is just waiting for the moment when he can take control, once and for all, and put Skrapper down and out for the count!

A crushing head scissors between the bruiser's huge quads knocks the stuffing out of the spirited rookie. A camel clutch crushes his crotch and pelvis into the mats. A repeatedly applied bearhug takes Skrapper's breath away. Brook wedges, spanks, crushes and tramples the smaller challenger then carries him off like a trophy when he's through.

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Brook Stetson vs. Skrapper
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Folded, pressed and crushed

Trampled under foot: A humiliating end to a valiant effort by Skrapper

Skrapper crushed, going limp

Huge thick-thighed headscissors

Brook tramples Skrapper's gut

Boned Brook pins Skrapper's face

Scrappy Skrapper tries to wrench a reverse headlock submission from big bruiser Brook Stetson

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