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  Jobe Zander vs. Billy Lodi

A very transparent Centerpiece

The bulge trampled and crushed

Jobe drops the big elbow

Big and bulging over the knee

Almost 60 lbs lighter, young Billy dominates big mouthed Jobe with a face smothering schoolboy pin

Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

As soon as Jobe gets to the ring and gets a glimpse of Billy, who politely holds the ring ropes open for him, he sees red. He storms over to the phone and calls the The Boss' office. "Are you fucking kidding me? This kid is just SKIN AND BONES!" he screams into the telephone before slamming the receiver down in a rage. He climbs through the ropes, his face reddened with his righteous anger, and determined to teach this 'skinny kid' a bit of a lesson, courtesy of the centerpiece! He starts out by dragging Billy around the ring in a headlock - and introduces Billy's face over and over again to the "famous BG East centerpiece!" As he tosses the youngster around, it's beginning to look like Jobe might finally WIN a match in the Arena.

There's a reason, though, why Billy is one of The Boss' new favorites - as he soon demonstrates. After a grueling series of over-the-knee backbreakers that would have had most men whimpering out a submission - Billy retaliates with a couple of low blows to the vaunted Centerpiece that sends the big man sprawling in agony - and now it's time for Billy to show off all the lessons he has learned from The Bossman himself! Over and over again, he goes back to the Centerpiece - elbows, fists, knees and boots with an out and out display of pure sadistic villainy - mixed with some vicious holds and moves straight out of The Boss' playbook - but the Centerpiece still has some fight and mouthy arrogance left in him...

Groping, grabbing, reaching into Jobe's trunks back and front o get at the raw centerpiece and a humiliating face-smothering schoolboy pin leave The Centerpiece humbled and horny. And when it's all over, the winner visits The Boss in his office to bring him a souvenir - that pleases him mightily.

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Jobe Zander vs. Billy Lodi
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Trunks wedged, boot to the balls

Jobe yanked by ear and trunks

Billy chokes and gropes big Jobe

Jobe taunts and torments Billy

Billy goes fishing for a souvenir

Trunk puller piledriver

Jobe Zander hoists Billy's cute butt up into position for a devastating tombstone piledriver

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