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  Christian Taylor vs. Blaine Janus

Christian Taylor - 6'2, 175

Grappling out of their shorts

Blaine pours on the pressure

Choked with his own shirt

Blaine pec claws the pretty boy

Nasty Boys, or, A Recipe For Excitement!

Leo Durocher once said, "nice guys finish last," and that certainly has been the case for sexy young twinks Christian Taylor and Blaine Janus. Both have been victimized every time they have wrestled for BGEast-but both of the sexy young fighters have learned from the humiliating defeats they've suffered. And both decided they were going to do whatever it took to keep from experiencing another beating-after all, it's far better to do unto others before they do it to you! And this time out, both boys are determined to do whatever it takes to log a victory in their win column. But to add a little additional spice to this already simmering pot, there's a heavy hint of attraction brewing in this mix - a sure-fire recipe for excitement! Turn up the heat and keep cookin', boys!

The two youngsters are already jawing at each other as they walk into the mat room-and start wrestling before they even strip down to their gear! This is war! Blaine is surrendering some size to Christian, and the early advantage is Christian's. He quickly gets Blaine's shirt off, and then clamps on a vise-like body scissors that has Blaine gasping for air-and as he increases the pressure he strips off Blaine's shorts! If humiliating Blaine was his objective, it didn't work. Blaine forces his way out of the scissor hold and clamps down on a neck-wrecking full nelson which Christian tries to resist-to no avail. Blaine keeps the hold on, adding more and more pressure until Christian finally submits. As Christian shakes his head and tries to loosen up his neck, Blaine picks up his shorts and shoves them in Christian's face. "I'll show you humiliation," Blaine taunts. Angrily, Christian hops to his feet and tears off his own shirt, and levels Blaine with a forearm smash that sends the smaller stud sprawling. Blaine pops back up and chokes Christian, stripping him of his shorts in the process! The war wages on, with a stunning rapid-fire succession of holds and reversals until Christian traps Blaine in a bear hug and slams him down to the mat, following up with a crotch ripping banana split that has Blaine howling in pain and rage! Blaine counters with a vicious ball grab...and gets free to wreak more havoc on his bigger foe!

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Christian Taylor vs. Blaine Janus
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Lip locked! A pin turns to passion

Christian grabbed and choked

Blaine Janus - 5'9, 155

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