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  Alexi Adamov vs. Lou Terassi

Sexy Alexi - 6'3, 225

Alexi mounted & gut bashed

Alexi choked and chumped

Alexi gets folded over into a pin

A bearhug crushes Lou's ribs

Russian Revenge?

Be careful what you wish for is an age-old proverb, and one that sexy Alexi Adamov has certainly found to be true. Growing up in Russia, he dreamed of emigrating to the US and becoming a wrestling starâ??and even though his dreams have come true, they haven't come true in quite the manner he imagined. While superstardom at BGEast is the dream of many a young wrestler, not many actually dreamed of being the company whipping boyâ??which is the reputation Alexi has earned for himself, like it or not. Despite his strength and skill at both mat and ring wrestling, Alexi suffered a long string of humiliating defeats since signing his contract with The Bossâ??to the point where Alexi began to believe that every match was a set-up from the nefarious Boss. Confrontations with The Boss get him nowhereâ??The Boss just throws up his hands and points out, "I made you a superstar! That's what you wanted, right?" It's a no-win situation for the sexy Russianâ??literally and figuratively. "The fans love you, all the boys want to fight you, you're at the top of our pay scale - what the hell else do you want? So the bad guys get off on beating you up. So what? Too fucking bad. You're a big boy, suck it up and grow up!"

So much for arguing with The Boss! But this match-up with a new guy on the block seems tailor-made for Alexi to send a statement, not only to The Boss, but to his brother wrestlers at BGEast. He's tired of being mocked, tired of being the butt of jokes, and ending up flat on his back at the end of a match. "OK, so a lot of fans like to see me get punished and pummeled. I know! But it doesn't mean I have to like it!"

Lou Terassi, at first glance, looks to be yet another one of The Boss' notorious Alexi set-ups. Lean, defined and handsome with that Italo-hunk look The Boss so likes, he warms up in the ring in a sexy pair of skimpy boldly pink underwear, with tattoos emphasizing his muscular arms. However, Luscious Lou appears to be a little nervous about his debut and despite his toughguy 'look' he suddenly doesn't seem like one of the overly aggressive thugs The Boss usually throws at Alexi. And when Alexi arrives at the ring, he contemptuously says, "You're dressed like a little boy." When Lou replies, "Get in here and we'll see who the bitch is around here," the taunts start flying. An initial tie-up gets neither wrestler an advantage, and so the taunts keep flying until Alexi tosses Lou into the corner. Could this be the match where Alexi has the chance to finally shut up the mocking voices in the locker room? It certainly looks that way as he powers Lou down into a crushing side headlock and mightily muscles him around the ring under that huge bicep...

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Alexi Adamov vs. Lou Terassi
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A foot tramples Alexi's throat

Terassi in trouble: Alexi's sweaty headscissors forces Lou's face deep between his thick thighs

Lou Terassi - 6', 180

Gut bashing the big boy!

Lou rides Alexi on the ropes

A clothesline sends Alexi to the mat

Alexi flexes his beautiful bod while punishing Lou with a tight double armbar surfboard

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