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  Joshua Goodman vs. Jobe Zander

Josh Goodman - 5'10, 185

A wedgie bulge-compressor

Mormon sickle bow & arrow

A bulge that's hard to ignore!

A neck-cranking head scissors

"Battle of the Bulge"

This one has been brewing since Jobe and his 'centerpiece' arrived at BG East! Mr. Joshua has long considered his the biggest and best 'bulge' around, the object of much discussion, desire and scrutiny - and he doesn't take kindly to competition, in the ring or in the mirror! The only question was where to hold the bulge showdown? What place had enough room for both wrestlers and their monumental egos? The matroom or the ring with their tempting mirrors, or, perhaps, the wrestleshack?! Finally, The Boss settled on the gazebo - after all, there's open air...and when the big heads, swollen egos and enormous bulges got rolling - the extra room would most likely be necessary! Being a pro, Jobe of course prefers ring matches, and categorically refused to agree to a gazebo match claiming it gave veteran gazebo grappler Mr. J an unfair advantage. That is, until The Boss told him Mr. Joshua's response: "Tell Jobe The Jobber he's a coward - and if SHE really knows how to wrestle it won't matter where we fight." And that was all it took.

"So they call you the centerpiece?" Mr. Joshua sneers as the two warm up in the gazebo. Flexing his beautifully shaped biceps, he then taunted, "If you're the centerpiece, I'm the centerfold. Look at these arms! Look at these abs!" As the two compare their defined muscles and admire each other's flexibility as they stretch, it soon becomes apparent there is no love lost between the two egomaniacs - and that there's more being compared here besides arms and abs! And while Mr. Joshua has a much more impressive win/loss record than Jobe (who is still looking for his first BGEast triumph!), as they aggressively bump chests and start circling each other, the intensity shining in Jobe's eyes is apparent - this one is for keeps. There's more at stake here than who pins whom or who makes the other submit! There are bragging rights on the line here between two studs, for both of whom an oversized big bulge serves as his proud calling card.

Josh slaps at Jobe's face contemptuously, but Jobe quickly moves in and slaps a side headlock on the arrogant muscle stud. "There's your centerpiece," Jobe taunts as he shoves Josh's face towards his impressive eye-popping blue bulge. "Yeah?" Josh shoots back, showing off his impressive power as he lifts Jobe up into the air and slams him down in a vicious spine buster catapulting Jobe across the gazebo! And the war is on....

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Joshua Goodman vs. Jobe Zander
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Mr Joshua screams in pain as Jobe punishes him with a leglock and choke hold

Jobe Zander - 6', 190

Comparing big bulges

Mr J's back breaking surfboard

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Jobe hoisted over the railing

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