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  Len Harder vs. Andy Hammer

Len Harder 5'9 130

Shoulder-wrenching full nelson

Groin grab! Andy goes for the gusto!

Cruel crunching camel clutch

Powerful lightweight bearhug

Opportunity Knocks, or, Getting Hammered...

While he may look young, Len has been with BG East for a comparatively long time. He has suffered his share of defeats, but has also gained a great deal of experience. Andy is slightly heavier than Len, but has not wrestled as many matches, which was all too obvious when Andy was shown the wrestling lesson of his life by rookie heel extraordinaire Mr. Jonny Firestorm. But what he lacks in experience Andy makes up in confidence as he asks Len, 'ready to get your ass beat'?

Andy assumes control early with a forceful full-nelson/headscissors combo and painful stretches taunting Len with â??any time youâ??re readyâ?¦.â? But Len's many matches at BG East have revealed a spunky and feisty spitfire who always gets back up to fight on. He understands that aggressiveness is the key to staying on top. Unfortunately for Len, Andy's marginal size advantage and superior muscle outweighs Len's experience as Andy wins the first submission with cranking leg nelson. Andy's confidence becomes even more evident as he removes Lenâ??s black shorts and provides our viewers with a few bicep flexes. Seems young Andy has developed a bit of arrogance to go with his persuasive demonstration of skill. However, overconfidence can sometimes lead to opportunitys! Len locks on nasty body scissors across Andyâ??s sternum. Andy uses his strength to weasel his way out and impressively lifts lean Len into a tight bear hug. Unable to squeeze out another submission he slams Len down to the mat! Any continues his offense by introducing Lenâ??s face to his blue jean fitted bulge! But this last move brings great offense to Len who escapes to trap Andy in a full nelson head scissor combo of his own and gets his first submission of the match. Itâ??s 1-1! And Arrogant Andy is not as perky as he was just moments before!

Realizing that Len is not going to be a push over and that this match will hardly be the squash job Jonny perpetrated on HIM, Andy starts the third fall by cautiously taking control with a tight body scissors and an even tighter head scissors. But Len's also had a taste of victory now and he quickly turns the tide with a painful single leg boston which has Andy in mat-slapping agony. Len is not content with another score and resumes his attack immediately after the submission with a nice body stretch revealing all of Andy's lovely assets. These two young blond lightweight lovelies couldn't be more evenly matched as becomes plainly evident as the heat of the match and the heat of the day rise...

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Len Harder vs. Andy Hammer
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