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  Christopher Bruce vs. Denny Cartier

Christopher Bruce 5'6 175

Denny fully nelsoned

Chris Bruce struggles in Denny's thigh-slapping head scissors

Denny has Chris pinned

Bodyscissors: The beefy veteran punishes the hunky rookie

Experience vs Youth - Which Will Be Triumphant?

Christopher Bruce is a familiar face to any BG East fan. Heâ??s wrestled a long time and has had experiences that most wrestlers can only dream of. Denny Cartier, relatively new in comparison, has a strong amateur background and a growing pro wrestling history. He's always looking for a challenge and a chance to show that heâ??s not just another pretty face. Today, he wanted that challenge to be one Christopher Bruce.

After both wrestlers put their bodies on display, a verbal exchange leads to a challenge by Denny to Chris. When Mr. Bruce gladly accepts, Denny lets his confident side emerge proclaiming 'Iâ??ll try to go easy on ya'. This is a different Denny than we've seen before! Denny is clearly leaner and lighter and probably faster, but Chris is hoping his size and experience will lead him to victory. A opening lock-up ensues as each wrestler tries to establish first dominance, but it's not coming easily for either. Chris doesn't want to lose to the young gun while Denny doesn't want to lose to someone widely regarded as a jobber. Bruce finally manages to muscle the first advantage applying a head scissors with those tree trunk legs. Denny is left squirming as he tries feverishly to escape. While he does manage to break free from the head scissors, within seconds he finds himself locked in body scissors which is equally uncomfortable, especially as Bruce flip-flops him from side to side. Has Denny bitten off more than he can chew? His lungs and rib cage seem to think so as the pain is etched evident on Dennyâ??s face. The first submission becomess inevitable as Denny screams for the hold to be released. Experience: 1; Youth: 0.

As Bruce proceeds to meditate on a fall well earned, Denny is trying to replenish the oxygen in his lungs. Chris inquires â??what happened to all that speed and agility?â? Denny, obviously upset with his first fall loss, rushes into the next more aggressively than before. Unfortunately his lack of thought results in Bruce applying yet another head scissors! Is this a repeat of fall #1? Chris puts Dennyâ??s lovely body on display for all our viewers as he suspends the scissors with a back arch. Just when you think Denny should have just stayed at home his speed and agility pay off as he traps Chris Bruce's legs and applies a full boston crab. Not only does he apply it quickly, he sits deep into his opponent's back to make sure it's locked in tight. But those tree trunk legs are powerfully strong. Chris uses that power to escape and comes back with a fierce full nelson that sweeps sweet Denny right off his feet! Groans and moans accompany each lift until Denny finally accedes to Chris' demand and submits a second time. Experience: 2; Youth: 0!

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Christopher Bruce vs. Denny Cartier
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Trapped between Bruce's quads, Denny Cartier considers submission

Denny works his banana split

Denny Cartier 5'6 150

Denny sits deep into a full boston

Denny suspended and suffering in Chris Bruce's head scissors

Denny Cartier coils his sleeper around Chris Bruce

A contemplative Denny Cartier

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