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  Eddy Rey vs. Lon Dumont

Eddy Rey 6'1 210

A big boot to the balls!

Crotch-ripping leg spread

FLEX! Indian deathlock leg torture!

Lon spreads Eddy's legs and demands that he FLEX to get free

Forced to Submit?

It's been a banner year of hot muscleboy debuts: humpy Kid Karisma, spunky Reese Wells, ultrahunky supermodel Rio Garza. First timer Lon Dumont is a worthy final addition to the 2009 roster of major muscle studs. And he knows it, proudly singing his own praises as he flaunts his hard muscles in a series of eye popping poses. His skimpy pink bikini trunks are a provocative contrast to his rippling physique and shaved skinhead. Even hardbodied hunk Eddy, another stunner who debuted this year, is impressed, urging the first timer to continue while he stands back to enjoy the show. "People pay to see this," Lon says, "And I don't do charity shows for people like you." After nearly taking veteran stud Aryx Quinn to his limits in his first match on Leopard's Lair 3, Eddy knows something about handling stubborn musclestuds. He steps over the ropes into the ring, promising to make the buff newbie flex whether he wants to or not. Given his substantial height and weight advantage, Eddy has no doubt he's got the match in the bag as he slowly sheds his shades and shows off his humpy muscled body and big Brazilian bulge. Until...

...Lon takes out the leg with a chop block tackle from behind. Two hard kicks and Eddy realizes there's more to this rookie than meets the eye. It's Heeling 101: if you want to beat a bigger man, take out his leg. Muscles aren't worth much if a man can't stand. Stalking his wounded prey, Lon strikes with a low dropkick that puts the big man back on the mat, ripe for a single leg Boston crab. "I'm gonna make you flex, I promise," Lon roars, before grabbing Eddy's ankle, yanking up, and driving his leg into the canvas knee-first. Overwhelmed at Lon's unexpected display of brute force, Eddy slides around the ring in desperate search of a respite, but every time he does, Lon stops him cold, sweeping the leg, low kicks, a hard forearm to Eddy's handsome face. An inverted figure-4 has the big man grunting and gasping, his hollow cheeks huffing and puffing as he fights the urge to submit. It's too much: "I give, I give!" But it's not enough for the rookie asskicker. "Not yet you don't! I want to you flex!" In agony, his leg battered badly and stretched out of shape, Eddy doesn't dare disobey, flexing his big biceps and crunching his chiseled abs so hard his nipples stiffen and his bronzed body drips with sweat. Who said bigger is better?

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Eddy Rey vs. Lon Dumont
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Lon sleepers Eddy on the ropes

Lon works an overlapping toehold. I said FLEX! Show off those back muscles, Brazilian boy!

Lon Dumont 5'7 150

FLEX! A fearsome full nelson!

Open wide! Lon's leg split

Lon laid low by Eddy Rey's low blow

Lon's crushing body scissors has Eddy agonizing in the corner

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