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  Peter Stallion vs. Mitch Colby

Stunning Peter Stallion 6' 185

Mich locks up for a test of strength

Peter's jackknife pin puts crotch to face

Peter poses as he schoolboy-pins the star

Mitch gets distracted

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Best Wrestler of Them All?

You know the story of Narcissus? He was the pretty boy who kept staring at his reflection in the water, until one day he stared so deeply at it that he fell in and drowned. When we come upon Peter, he reminds us of that very same pretty boy, gazing into a mirror, wearing his tight pink wrestling speedo and admiring his biceps, triceps, six pick, and more. And who could blame him? He is remarkably beautiful - and incredibly sexy as well! His reverie is interrupted however, with the arrival of Mitch in his royal blue briefs. Mitch is certainly bigger, sturdier, and handsome in a manly masculine way. The two shake hands in greeting, then get to the mat to square off. First, a pose down to show each other their goods. Peter shows off his body more to himself than anyone. Mitch is mildly impressed and definitely aroused, but his own big guns speak for themselves.

At first it appears Peter, the clear rookie here, is wary, unsure of what to do, so Mitch the Man leads the way. He leads the way alright - right into one of his famous body scissors, secured tightly around the pretty boy's lean, lovely torso. Struggling to escape, Peter attempts to pry apart Mitch's legs but to no avail. "You can't get out of that," Mitch states the obvious. Rookie or not, he finagles his way out of the scissors and turns the tables on Mitch, trapping him in a tight cradle lock that eventually forces him to mutter, "I give!" That deserves a flex and a few checks into the mirror, Peter thinks to himself as he coquettishly puts on another show for his very appreciative opponent.

Appreciative, that is, until Peter walks up to him and slaps him in the face! Mitch bites the bait. For punishment, he applies his sexy bearhug around our Narcissus, hoping to squeeze some respect into the egotistical pretty boy. Mitch's bearhug is alternatively powerful and seductive, and he does not relent with either approach, squeezing until Peter's legs give way, his beautiful body goes limp in his man's arms and he falls to the mat in exhausted agony, twisting and turning his punished body from side to side for the delectation of his opponent/partner and off the fans. Now who's the boss, as Mitch straddles his opponent, flexing his muscles and resting his pouch on Peter's pouty lips. Mitch may be on top but Peter's powers of persuasion and seduction are potent whether he's flexing and posing, writhing in a bearhug or pinned under Mitch's schoolboy...

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Peter Stallion vs. Mitch Colby
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Mitch takes his turn posing and pinning

Mitches legs pull Peter into his bulge

Mitch poses his own amazing physique 6'2 207

Mitch enjoys scissoring the prettyboy

Mitch tries to punch his way out of a powerful bodyscissors

Powerful quads and thighs squeeze bubblebutt Mitch

The Stallion bearhugged and broken

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