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  Reese Wells vs. Jobe Zander

Jobe Zander - 6', 175

Jobe reaches in for a handful

Babyface choked on the ropes

Reese folded & bulge battered

Wide leg split & ball claw. Pretty boy babyface Reese Wells in agony!

Pride Goeth before the Ball...

Fan response is a hell of a thing. It's a drug for some wrestlers, a source of pride. Jobe's taken his lumps, but the rabid reaction and the heaps of praise for the heft of his "Centerpiece" and the way it consumes the screen, bobbles and bounces as his eager-to-cheat foes relentlessly target it for destruction has been balm enough to soothe his oft-battered balls. But when Reese Wells debuted, the victim of a bulls-eye ball bashing of his own courtesy of an incensed Jonny Firestorm, and the fans gushed over his testicular fortitude, Jobe took to the forum with trademark big mouth boasting: "Opponents attack my huge centerpiece because they are jealous of its size. When wrapped in spandex it becomes fucken art. So they try to destroy it...," adding he'd "make history" if Reese dared step into a ballbash venue with him. The Boss knows a titillating pairing, especially when it's backed with the sort of grudge grounded in such a particularly personal point of pride, AND between a rookie and a veteran. Welcome to the literal Battle of the Bulge!

Jobe demands that the young rookie Reese list his resume and then balks that his only previous appearance at BGEast was Ball Bash 1. "Did you have a good time in that match?" Jobe facetiously asks, and Reese's quick, plaintive "No," is an appropriate response to the crotch devastation Firestorm visited on him. Firestorm provides a bridge: Jobe recounts his own encounter on Iron Man 1, although the extent of his memory is "I kicked his ass, a lot" (We suppose his mind shut down around the time Jonny spread his legs around the ropes and relentlessly rearranged his vaunted Centerpiece with a vacuum cleaner hose...)

Reese proposes they settle their beef by booking Ball Bash 2. Jobe admits he's "none too fond" of the concept, since "after all, I have a huge fucking target," which, by his reckoning, places him at a substantial disadvantage. A brief biceps pose-off gives Reese instant cred, notably more muscled and cut than in his first appearance. Jobe counters by suggesting they book Iron Man 2 instead, a match with a specific time limit with the winner determined by whoever racks up the most falls. Reese is game, but when he steps forward for a handshake, Jobe reveals the depths of his deception, dropping the unsuspecting hottie with a pumphandle low blow! "I just rung your bell!" Another pumphandle from behind begins this ball assault/pro wrestling epic...

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Reese Wells vs. Jobe Zander
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Tight crotch to face headscissors: Take a look at The Centerpiece! Now THAT'S a man's bulge!

Reese gets a superwedgie: The rookie has never had a match like THIS!

Reese Wells - 5'7, 154

Reese gets his package pawed

Innovative corner headscissors

Relentless package pounding

Jobber no more? Has Jobe finally won a match?

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