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  Tyrell Tomsen vs. Derek DaSilva

Tyrell Tomsen - 5'11, 200

Triangle choke

Tyrell grabs Derek's famous tool

Elbow grinder to the groin

Derek gets a neck adjustment

BJJ Ball Bash

Tyrell's been on a tear since he debuted. He reduced Mitch Colby to a water-logged muscle rag on Wet 'n Wild 3, and his rip 'n strip domination of horse-hung Gil Barrios on Gazebo Grapplers 10 and his utter domination and degredation of naked bodybuilder Braden on Strip Stakes 1 gets credit in the office for reversing the Braden's once-promising career into "mere" jobber muscle for other men to manhandle. Add in his spectacularly chiseled physique and it's no wonder that Tyrell was chosen by The Boss as one of five rookies to watch in the first Wrestler Gallery update on the Arena of this new decade.

Derek DaSilva's a tattooed tough with a penchant for pain that amazingly increases when he's on the recieving end. "What the hell's wrong with you?" Tyrell taunts when Derek enters. As far as he's concerned, anyone willing to step on the mats with him is clearly crazy with no regard for his physical well being. Derek stretches, displaying his jujitsu training. "Let me give you a hand," Tyrell volunteers as Derek bridges impressively. He means it literally, driving his gloved fist directly into Derek's vulnerably-exposed basket. But when he doesn't press the advantage, Derek rises and takes him down sambo style. It's BJJ all the way: Derek tries to lock in an early triangle choke; Tyrell counters with bare fists to the ribcage. Shorts don't matter: Derek rips Tyrell's off; Tyrell's happy to return the favor, leaving both hunks in stark white form-fitting undergear briefs.

A rear mount by Derek leads to a half choke, but it's a humbling series of slaps to Tyrell's big glutes that raises the stakes. Tyrell flips, counters Derek's guard position with more body punches. but before he realizes what's up, the answer is, "you," as Derek flips him over and climbs on top for a side choke punctuated with pec punches. A face to face armlock has Tyrell in unfamiliar territory: submitting while his opponent exults. Derek rubs it in, ripping off his briefs and leaving Tyrell in a butt-baring thong. Degredation spurs retaliation. Tyrell throws fists to Derek's body, doubling him up. Elbow drops to the back reduces the BJJ effect, rendering Derek ripe for a rear chinlock that brings the boys 1 to 1. Pissed, Tyrell treats Derek to a round of back punching and butt slapping for Derek's earlier attack. But the name of the tape is Ball Bash, and Tyrell digs in deep with a crotch claw that lifts Derek off the mat and forces another submission...

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Tyrell Tomsen vs. Derek DaSilva
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Derek's sack gets crotch claw

Winding up for a spanking: Derek mounts the big dude with a chin lock and some humiliating butt-slap

Derek DaSilva - 5'9, 180

DaSilva grapples his larger opponent

A big beefy powerful bearhug

Tyrell's half crab with ball claw

Derek down: Tyrell flexes his massive muscular beefcake bod

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