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  Donnie Drake & Doug Rand vs. Lon Dumont & Chace LaChance

Chace LaChance - 5'9, 155

Lon Dumont's biceps bulge

Double OTK backbreaker / ab claw

Donnie elbows Lon in the face

Double trouble! Donnie's rocking horse pendulum and Doug's headscissors combo make a chump of Chace

Angels & Demons

Angels are said to be the most beautiful creatures in all of creation, radiating light and strength from a beauty so pronounced that the eyes of mere mortals cannot comprehend it. Raphael and Michelangelo could have do no worse than to use Lon Dumont and Chace LaChance as models for their work. Their faces are handsome and strong, and their bodies are certainly exquisite works of divine art, perfectly sculpted from materials that seem too perfect to be human. As they walk into the ring and prepare for their debut as tag partners, it almost becomes possible to believe in the divine. Almost.

But for every positive, there is always a negative: matter and anti-matter; good and evil; babyface and heel; Democrat and Republican. So for every angel, there must be a demon, for every Lon Dumont a Donnie Drake, for every Chace LaChance a Doug Rand. And so too can there be perfection in darkness; a beauty so terrible and dark that it inspires terror as well as awe. And Donnie and his new partner Doug can strike fear with their own dark beauty, as Lon and Chance inspire awe and possibility with their light.

And when those opposing forces come together, it can be cataclysmic.

The bell rings and opposing forces square off in the ring, in a struggle for dominance, light over darkness, or the prevalence of darkness. All four combatants sparkle in their extraordinarily eye-popping gear. Lon and Chace's choice of bright orange briefs with metallic gold is about as bold and provocative as it gets. Donnie and Doug's gleaming metallic silver squares fit like second skins. Combined, the looks read iconic pro.

Doug and Lon come after each other, while their partners shout encouragement from their opposing corners. Lon and Doug's skills in the ring are seemingly evenly matched, and their struggle goes back and forth in an almost mystical display of wrestling skill. Hammerlocks and arm bars are reversed; one gains the ascendancy only to lose it to the other. Yet darkness rarely fights fairly, and the double teaming and cheap shots of the demons - the chokes, the boots to the throat, the grabbing of trunks for additional leverage soon start taking a toll on the angels - and finally Lon, after enduring some incredible back torture, finally submits to Doug's brutal spine-twisting bow and arrow!

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Team Torture 12


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Donnie Drake & Doug Rand vs. Lon Dumont & Chace LaChance
31 minutes

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Tag Team Torture 12 Arena Galleries

Double suplex on Doug!

Lon locks on a single leg boston

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150

Donnie hoists Chace for a suplex

Chace crawls to Lon for the tag

Donnie instructs his partner Doug

Lon on his knees suffering from Donnie & Doug's double-teaming tactics -Chace comforts his partner

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