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  Tyrell Tomsen & Jimmy Gee vs. Aryx Quinn & Myke Mars

Tyrell & Jimmy - combined 370 lbs

Aryx's life squeezed out of him

Tyrell tries to snap Aryx in half

Bulges and butts on display

Heels in control: Gut bash time!


There is no question that Tyrell Tomsen has one of the most amazing bodies to ever grace the BG East arena. There is also no question that Tyrell is an awesomely talented wrestler - the list of scalps he has collected since joining the BGEast stable is almost as impressive as his chiseled physique. The only challenge he hasn't mastered is the tag action - and so he was eager to prove his skill as a team player! Paired up with Jimmy Gee, the thickly muscled stud in stunning matching green squarecuts, these two musclestuds would give many opponents pause. But Aryx Quinn isn't just any wrestler - he's an arrogant, some say disturbed thug with a chiseled body he considers a 'weapon of mass destruction.' Aryx arrives at the ring before his partner, and assumes god-like Tyrell is his partner! Tyrell quickly sets Aryx straight, and when sexy Myke Mars arrives to watch Quinn's back, Aryx is not happy. As the referee for this special bout pats down the wrestlers, Aryx keeps up a steady stream of demands at poor Myke. "You better hold up your own end, rookie," he seethes as Myke and Jimmy enter the ring to start the match...

Myke is no rookie, as hapless Jimmy soon finds out! Opening with a brutal boot to Jimmy's muscular midsection, he follows up with a vicious forearm smash that sets the bells in Jimmy's head to ringing! As Jimmy gets up, Myke knocks him back down with a well-executed flying drop kick that earns a pleased "Way to go!" from his partner! He drags a staggered Jimmy up by the hair and clamps on a neck-cranking side headlock! It's now Tyrell's turn to shout encouragement to his partner, who manages to power Myke up and sends him flying with a spine-crunching Atomic kneedrop! As Jimmy works over Myke, Aryx's frustration grows. "Do you need my help?" he screams, and finally Myke manages to tag him in! Aryx levels Jimmy, but rather than pursuing his foe, he turns on his own partner! Jimmy tags in Tyrell who goes after Aryx, tossing him from one side of the ring to the other like a rag doll - again and again and again in an awesome display of raw power!

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Team Torture 12


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Tyrell Tomsen & Jimmy Gee vs. Aryx Quinn & Myke Mars
34 minutes

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Tag Team Torture 12 Arena Galleries

Fly bitch! Tyrell launches Aryx into the air with a giant beal throw

Tyrell flexes his perfect physique over a helpless, flattened Aryx

Aryx & Myke - combined 320 lbs

Jimmy applies a crab on Myke

Aryx taunts Jimmy in the mirror

Tyrell's double pec claw

One way to bring down a big dude: A fierce-faced Aryx locks on a tight sleeper hold on Tyrell Tomsen

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