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  Alexi Adamov vs. Christopher Bruce

Sexy Alexi - 6'3, 225

Major muscle test mano a mano

Chris schoolboys Alexi

Inverted upside down bear hug

Still in his sexy socks, Alexi arches Chris Bruce in a bulging full boston

History Repeats Itself

Back in the day, Christopher Bruce was the quintessential muscle jobber. Even with a succession of losses, he was right up there in the pantheon of the company's biggest and most asked-for names: Mike Columbo, Shane McCall, Mikey Vee, Kid Leopard, Greg Leary. Bruce had a career longer than many of the men who beat him. Then he disappeared.

A few years ago, he showed up again to make his official comeback, looking damned near as good as when he first appeared on the BG East scene. After taking some licks from the current crop of heels, principally Cole Cassidy and Dave Christian, Bruce stepped up last year against Kieran Dunne, the new model for cocky, vain, muscular young jobbers at BG East. In a very competitive, evenly match muscle scrap, Christopher Bruce finally proved he had what it takes, even after several years of retirement.

In 2010, we find Bruce working out at the pec deck machine. Once the pretty muscle stud, this now beefy veteran shows us he still has got the gunz. The question is ... How much stomach does he still have for fighting? One of BGE's current crop of pretty muscle studs, Alexi Adamov, strides in, wearing a skintight spandex top, tomato red, and baggy workout shorts. Adamov struts past the weight machines, acting like he's never heard of Bruce, glancing at the legendary hunk with a cold eye. Alexi knows HE looks good.

Alexi Adamov has been working his way up the BGE ladder, ever since the day, in THE CONTRACT 6, Brad Rochelle slapped him into a silver bikini, all bulges and curves and looking like Michelangelo's David sculpted in marzipan. And as a result of that pivotal moment, the fans christened him "Sexy" Alexi. At first something of a joke among the fans and other wrestlers - Adamov groaned for almost two years under the humiliating nickname "BGEast Doormat" - but still he refused to quit, taking on some of the toughest competition the company had to offer: Mitch Colby, Patrick Donovan, Cole Cassidy, Firestorm, Vicious and so on. But even when Alexi loses, he wins - and he knows it. The fans can't get enough of him, whether as the cocky aggressor on his spotlight triumph, "Who's Next!" or as the pitiably punked jobber vs Dave Christian on" Jobberpaloozer 9".

Today, in his absolute prime, with some wins on his record, with a credible reputation as a reliable and popular scrapper, he's commanded the respect of the other wrestlers and the adulation of legions of fans. Alexi is ready to pit himself against a 'legend', one of BGE's "old guard." Perhaps it was inevitable that two wrestlers with such similar histories, though separated by a decade, should meet and clash at last. Serendipity, indeed.

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Alexi Adamov vs. Christopher Bruce
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Face smothering folding press

Alexi splits and spreads Chris

Chris de-pants Alexi

Buried between Alexi's thick thighs

Alexi choked with his own sock

Alexi flexes as he 'rides' Chris

Sweaty and sexy, Alexi is brought to his knees in Christopher Bruce's ever-tightening sleeper hold

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