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  Christopher Bruce vs. Aryx Quinn

Christopher Bruce - 5'8, 190

Arrogant Aryx autographs his Spotlight dvd for his 'fan'

Head-popping double 69 scissor

Big muscular legs hard at work

A big wedgie shows off Bruce's assets and adds to his humiliation. Aryx thoroughly enjoys his work.

Sexy!, or, Respect Your Elders!

Chris is one of our most enduring stars, a longtime fan favorite who made his wrestling debut with BG East and has continued to compete and entertain his legion of fans longer than almost any other BGE star. Greatly admired by fans, universally respected by the other BGE wrestlers, Chris is also widely regarded as a gentleman, in and out of the ring, on and off the mats. Of course, good manners are lost on the likes of many of Chris' opponents, past and present, and as a result his win-loss record has suffered. While the redoubtable Mr. Bruce has steadfastly clung to gentlemanly sportsmanlike behavior, his opponents have often used his fealty to fairness as an expedient to defeat him. As our scene opens Chris is working the weights, pumping up that impressively humpy body.

And now for something completely different. His opponent makes his appearance as though apparating like one of the malevolent demon characters from a wizard movie. He pops onto the screen like a boggart and immediately tries to annoy Chris Bruce. "Hey old fella, only current BG East wrestlers allowed!" he informs Chris, who proceeds with his work-out, ignoring Quinn's taunts. "Oh, I get it! You're a fan - you snuck down here. No problem! Here, you can take this with you as you leave." And Aryx autographs a copy of his BGE Wrestler Spotlight dvd for Mr. Bruce. "Oh wait! I think you're Christopher Bruce. You used to wrestle with my Dad I think." Uh oh.... Aryx Attitude strikes again.

Only when Aryx directly and physically tries to interfere with his workout does Chris finally confront the intruder. Rising to face his tormentor face to face: "You got a problem, you fuckin' young punk? We can take it to the mats! I may be 'vintage' to you but some of us old guys got a little something going on" and he raises his guns into an eye popping double bicep pose. Aryx responds by stripping off his t-shirt and hitting a pose of his own: "Listen, I don't care how 'veteran' you are but there's no substitute for perfection!" The challenge is made and accepted and each threatens the other with his pet finisher - Chris warns of his scissors and Aryx asks him if he's ever heard of his Quinn-lock. Chris surrenders the pec deck to Quinn who mutters to himself, "That's right Aryx, you're the star!"

As we fade-in the scene resumes in the ring where Chris is patiently stretching and awaiting the arrival of his cocky opponent. Aryx comes in slamming the door behind him firing off his mouth. Chris suggests he show some respect for the place which employs and supports him. "Listen old-timer, when you're at the top of your game you do as you fuckin' please!" Aryx continues to admire himself in the mirror, endlessly impressed by his muscle. Chris warns, "yeah, you look good, but pretty boys don't always know what they're doing..." Aryx spins on his heels, obviously piqued. "I'm Kid Leopard's #1 boy, that's all you need to know!" As Aryx strips out of his shorts down to a packed pouch bulging bikini poser which rides up between his bubble butt cheeks Chris mutters, "Your anyone's boy willing to pay the bill..." Oh my, sticks and stones may break some bones, but them barbs has got to sting! Aryx is silenced... at least temporarily.

The combatants pause to compare some muscle. Aryx's love affair with his own bicep culminates with a kiss. "That turn you on?," he inquires of Chris. "Yeah, and you can kiss THIS too!," Chris retorts. Finally ready to get it on, Aryx asks "How did you start matches in the old days? Shake hands?" Chris pauses and looks at him warily. "What is this? Some kind of trick?" But our Aryx promises that he doesn't play such tricks! Uh huh....right!

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Christopher Bruce vs. Aryx Quinn
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Bare, bubble butt back trampling: BG East wrestling action; often imitated, never duplicated!

Aryx poses over flattened Chris

Aryx Quinn - 5'9, 170

Studly big muscle pose-off

Chris borrows a 'Leopard-lock'

Rib cracking shoulder block

Back bending, butt popping, neck cranking hangman hold

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