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  Mitch Colby vs. Rusty Stevens*

Mitch Colby - 6'2, 210

Wedgie reveals Rusty's kiss tat

The hunk mounts the veteran

Mitch stretches Rusty's hard bod

The newbie down for the count? Rusty's cakes look great in his designer jockstrap


This is a match that was bound to happen, the direct result of a rivalry promulgated by fans, bloggers and by the two wrestlers themselves. On one blog Mitch and Rusty flipped back and forth from being "Champion" of the writer's affections to "The #1 Contender" for the title of "Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler". And what's not to like? Two extraordinarily handsome mature men, both with hot, sexy 200 + bodies and not afraid to show them, and both stimulated, aroused and driven by a passion for wrestling. And they too knew this was something special, hurling barbs back and forth as they passed each other while having their portraits taken by our still photographers on the grounds of BG South Florida.

Once on the mats, Rusty takes a slightly different tack: "What's up, tough guy. Nice smile. And those pretty blue eyes match your trunks." Mitch is not falling for it: "I'll wipe that smile off YOUR face!" Once the action commences it's fast and furious as the two mat titans plough into each other. Mitch scores first with a rear bodyscissors and double arm bar surfboard. He's in charge, but, Rusty's on top. Even in obvious pain Rusty keeps the machine gun repartee going, with a comment about beefier than usual appearance: "Just like someone with a beer belly to lie on his back!" Mitch responds with some additional pressure around Rusty's ribs: "You're feeling the power in these legs, aren't you!"

Mitch dominates Rusty in the early going, his experience and additional weight overpowering the porn star stud. But Rusty is not just cocky and witty, he's also tough. He endures Mitch's guillotine abdominal stretch without submitting, as so many others have been forced to do. He withstands a legsplit that would have most guys howling in defeat. Rusty even comes close to scoring the first submission of the match when he clamps an armbar on Mitch and then morphs it into a figure 4 head scissors variation. And the taunts continue: "What's with that limp wrist, girlfriend? Like having your face buried in the dirt, dirty boy?" But it's the big long-time BG East star that scores first, cranking on a full nelson bodyscissors that has the newbie tapping fast and furious.

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Mitch Colby vs. Rusty Stevens*
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