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  Donnie Drake vs. Chace LaChance vs. Brent Salvo

Donnie Drake 6' 185

Backbreaking Brent

Chace clawed in the corner

Big boot choke in the corner

Camel clutch & torture rack double team combo. A double submission!

Double Booked or Double Rooked?

Supremely confident Donnie Drake has been on a slow but steady ascent through the ranks of BG East; from his debut as a powerful and talented pro he has slowly discovered his budding appetite for destruction. His first matches against rookies even greener than him provided a showcase of the potential. That potential is now realized!

Packed with more muscle than ever before, ripped abs and chest, and striations on bulging arms and legs, no one is more in awe of the transformation of this erstwhile BGE star than Donnie himself. The Boss, not easily impressed, nonetheless has been playing his usual games with the 'upstart', and Donnie decided that his one scheduled opponent is not enough for his amazing talent, especially when that opponent is the wannabe nobody Brent Salvo, whose debut victory over Kieran Dunne-- Kieran Dunne!-- was hailed by the Leopard King as the birth of a new heel. Donnie is ready to destroy this wannabe and then some.

Not only has he contacted Brent in advance, telling him what trunks would be best (and best turn him on), he's booked another wrestler too! He had his eyes on 'angelic faced' Chace LaChance ever since his tag team tangle with this ripped rookie on Tag Team Torture 12. Bodybuilder coverboy Lon Dumont was a challenge in that match but Donnie knew Lon's overeager partner Chace would be much more fun if he got him-- alone. So he managed to 'steal' his email address from the Boss and scheduled his own private match on the same day as the Boss's planned match with Brent. In fact, AT THE SAME TIME!

Arriving early and after spending an appropriate amount of time posing to himself in and out of robe, Donnie gets his first opponent, the 'official' one. Sneering at the signature Brent attitude, he quickly has the rookie screaming in pain after beating him down to the mat...

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Donnie Drake vs. Chace LaChance vs. Brent Salvo
41 minutes

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Tag Team Torture 13: 1 on 2 Arena Galleries

Chace jumps up for a suspended scissors out of the corner

Donnie locks in a bearhug on bubblebutt Chace

Chace LaChance 5'9 150

Brent Salvo 6' 185

Double suplex, Donnie gets tossed!

Bow & arrow submission using the ropes

Scissored and choked, Chace is in trouble

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