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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Skip Vance

Hairy & beefed up Jonny 5'5 165

Skip bound and gut bashed

Skip gets up close and personal

C is for Camel Clutch

L is for leg splitting crotch spread. Jonny man handles Skip's bulge

SUBMISSIONS 8: A Lesson from A - Z!

Back when KL was lightweight champ, fans urged BG to have his The Master of Submission do an instructional "A-Z of BG Wrestling". What resulted was a classic 'how-to', taped over a couple of months and featuring the BG stars of the day as KL's practice dummies. Fast forward to FLorida 2010: Just what the fuck did this poor twink do to Jonny Firestorm to deserve the ass-stomping he gets? In a homage to KL, Jonny tortures & torments poor Skip Vance before taking him through the A-Z of pain.

At first, it looks like all is right in the world for young Skip. Slim and defined, he stretches his tan body in the BG East Florida guest cottage. He counts the smooth dimpled muscles on his stomach- one, two, three, ... - yep, there's a full pack, all right. His highlighted hair glimmers in the sunlight that streams through the windows behind him. He's ready to be a BG East star! He's certain he's going to be huge!

In his neon-green bikini with the fitting leopard trim homage, Skip could turn heads at any Key West swimming pool. Shaking his butt on top of a DC bar, he could fill his waistband with twenties in no time. Or with his Technicolor tan, he could be in Hollywood, auditioning for the lead in The Luke Halpin Story. Too bad for Skip, though, it's not Flipper who struts through the door to greet him. It's Jonny Firestorm ... in pissed-off bear mood and otter mode. Firestorm looks the hopeful twink up and down and snorts, "You gotta be kidding me!" Nope, this does not bode well for the pretty blond who's giving up over 25 lbs and several years of experience to his hirsute and headstrong opponent.

Skip tries to impress Jonny with his sleek muscle tone. He strikes a double bicep pose, a self-satisfied grin stretching his pretty lips. Jonny pauses to ruminate and then shows him what a man's arms look like, beefy and flexed and hard as cannonballs. Without warning, Jonny propels his bare knuckles to Skip's unsuspecting stomach. One second Skip is standing, beaming, set for the best day of his life. The next second he's on his back on the mat with Jonny's packed crotch up in his face, Jonny's hand slapping a three count on the mat right behind the fair-haired boy's feathered haircut. Not content with a three count, Jonny set's his crosshairs on Skip's well toned, muscled abs. Gut punches, body scissors, and abdominal claws all weaken up the twinks midsection.

Catching a second wind, Skip tries to get a bead on the situation. He tries out a few combat moves he's probably seen on television or the Internet. In short, he makes the big mistake of trying to fight back. It's like waving a red flag in the face of a bull. Firestorm makes him submit something like 27 times in the next 15 minutes. Then Jonny pulls the kid back up to his feet by a clump of his perfect hair. Apparently having learned nothing from recent experience, Skip lunges and wraps his tan sinewy thighs around Jonny's waist and squeezes ... tight. Jonny groans. Skip clamps his fingers together behind Jonny's neck and ratchets the man's head forward. In a rash, contemptuous gesture he plants a kiss on Firestorm's forehead. Cunning, cocky and cute but a big, big boo-boo!

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