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  Kid Karisma vs. Len Harder

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170

Kid K's mean double arm bar

Len grips a handful of Karisma

Len squeezes Kid K's package

Both fighters stripped down to but-baring t-back thongs, Kid K squeezes a powerful bare butt bearhug

Strike a Pose! Our Redhead Ruffian vs The Testy Twink

You asked for more Karisma, and now you're gonna get some - in bucketfuls! And Karisma knows you want it, too! Which is why he treats you to some eye candy by flexing his luscious abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, everything for the camera, letting you drink it all in. And he's got a lot to drink in! 100% pure beef and a bodacious butt! Woof!

That is, until that lean punk Len jumps him from behind, interrupting the show. Len's always been a troublemaker, having wrestled with BG East since he was a cocky-ass tough teenage twink. Now, he's got his own fan following, and actually has had more wrestling experience on camera than Kid. Can he outwit the redhead Adonis? He's battled big men before, so why should this be any harder for Harder?

Karisma is clearly unimpressed by the hijacking of his posing, as he brushes Len off like a pesky fly, then muscles his way on top of the punk, ensnaring him between his powerful thighs and pressing a thick forearm against Len's scrawny throat. "Let's go, little boy!" Karisma taunts, straddling him and getting back to his muscle poses. Karisma is all verbal in this match, first asking, "Do you like that?" referencing his big biceps. Len tries to keep up with the moves by delivering punches but they have little effect on the solid muscle stud, who returns the favor by spanking the long lean twink's tight tush!

Len submits to a nasty camel clutch and then is forced to witness another pose-off off by Karisma who shoves his bulge into Len's face, rubbing it up and down and across Len's mouth! But his crotch is also his Achilles heel when Len strikes out with a claw to his groin and refuses to let go. Karisma, who was so vocal as the punisher, is equally as loud with his screams as he squirms at the mercy of a newly focused Len.

Len's focus, however, doesn't last very long, because in short order Kid K takes over and forces the punky twink to apologize to his sore nuts! "Say you're sorry!" he demands, as he traps Len in a suggestive and sexy schoolboy pin. When Len finally relents to his demand, Karisma plants a big foot right in the middle of his chest and strikes yet another stunning pose. The heat is definitely rising and the sweat is freely flowing!

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Kid Karisma vs. Len Harder
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Inverted bearhug to a tombstone!

Len gets up close with Kid K's hardest muscle and gets a close up view of those spectacular abs

Len Harder - 5'9, 142

Len nails Kid K's washboard

Scissored & ball grabbed

Folding crotch-smother schoolboy

Len's bulging pouch gets pressed into the mat as Kid K rides his face with a sexy head scissors

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