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  Skrapper vs. Kid Vicious*

The Skrapper - 5'10, 150

Skrapper scissored and wedgied

Skrapper buried in KV's crotch

Face smother schoolboy & grab

Mouth to dick resuscitation: Vicious has Skapper stripped and pinned and goes to work on his cock

Has Kid Vicious Met His Match?

Young, lean, and confident, Skrapper is no stranger to biting off more than he can chew. He's been bent in more directions than Gumby, and still comes back for more! You gotta admire his tenacity and willingness to endure punishment after punishment. Check out his matches from the Catch Weight series, for example, if you need proof of his toughness. And it's not like he isn't talented, mind you. His skills are definitely there - and in spades - and his body is sexy, agile and quick. It's just that he is always looking for a challenge and winds up in the ring with some of BG East's biggest and/or meanest monsters.

And you know he's been chomping at the bit to get a taste of the ultimate skinhead punisher. And we know Vicious is salivating at the thought of demolishing this tough tenacious tiger. The two finally meet up in what could possibly pass as a date night. Of course, this particular date night includes a wrestling mat in the middle of the floor, Vicious in his tight maroon speedo and black boots and Skrapper looking every bit the classic babyface beauty in a pair of light blue trunks and white boots. Gear freaks say WOOF!

You can almost see the heat emanating off their bodies as the two combatants square off. They go head to head, nose to nose and crotch to crotch, sizing each other up. Many guys would be terrified in the presence of Kid Vicious, but Skrapper enters confidently into a pose-off, even after Vicious calls him "a little jobber." Vicious is amused by his opponent's scrappy attitude -and amazed by his beautiful butt! He knows he can defeat him, he's Kid Vicious who wins at all costs and by any means, so why isn't this punk showing any fear? Because Skrapper is fearless. This is the kid who took on King Kong Brook Stetson and made him give! Skrapper has his mind primed for not just a win here, but a stunning earth-shattering BG East upset! He is not about to lett letting Vicious intimidate him or worse, seduce him. He knows Vicious is a master of mental domination, whether it be with seduction or outright bullying, but Skrapper has come prepared to resist both strategies. So perhaps KV's actions will have to speak louder than words.

So Vicious is as Vicious does: a low blow knee to the groin, sends Skrapper to the floor - and right into position for a perfect schoolboy pin. But Skrapper is ready, giving it the best that he's got and he traps Vicious in a head scissors that can only embarrass the veteran as he gets his face buried into the "jobber's" crotch. Will Skrapper end KV's reign of terror and end up just another conquest? You'll have to see it to believe it! Read on!

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Skrapper vs. Kid Vicious*
58 minutes
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Reverse schoolboy, ass to face

Kid Vicious strips Skrapper, pins him and mercilessly punishes his man junk over and over

Kid Vicious - 6', 165

Cranked in a Skrapper's sleeper

Skrapper suspended & split

KV gets a boot in the face!

Double crotch to face pin: Vicious uses some lips and tongue torture to force a submission emission

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