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  Kid Karisma vs. Len Harder

Krotch klaw: Kid K in agony

Spanking Len's little ass

Len smothered: Total humiliation

Pinned! Suck on this, jobberboy

Kid K rolls Len in his headscissors and forces him into an acute neck cranking, crotch-bulging arch

The Stud's Got the Beef But The Twink's Got the Tostones

Kid K begins to relax and savors the sensation of having Len's head between his legs and his face smothered in his bulge, the punk slips out and applies another brutal and unbreakable claw to Karisma's crotch. Squirming like a fish out of water, Karisma curses and squeals in pain. Finally he submits, only to be humiliated further as Len strips him of his tight pink boxer briefs to reveal an even sexier leopard print thong underneath.

" I WILL get you back for that, punk!" Karisma promises, rubbing his bruised balls, his phenomenal bubble butt cheeks now on full and glorious display. With that, he takes Len into an inverted bear hug and swings him around like a rag doll. Revenge is sweet, and it includes slowly stripping Len's tight white boxer briefs revealing a black and sliver g-string.

Len's hands roam over Kid K's firm backside. "You like that? To feel a strong MAN?" Karisma brags, as he spanks Len's bare ass. Karisma is back in fine form boasting about his powerful legs and being too much man for Len to take. There's more head scissoring, more crotch claws, more flexing and posing, and more ass spanking. Now that they've had time to size each other up and strip each other down both fighters are very hands-on!

They take turns ramming their bulges into one another's face. The battle of the bulge takes on new meaning as they stand up and bump crotch versus crotch, battle bulge bumping battle bulge until one of them nails the other's package hard enough to send him to the mat in agony. In this case, and because his manhandled cock and balls are already aching and sore, Karisma is the one to say chicken first. He grovels on the mat in pain while Luscious Len takes this opportunity to do some more bare ass spanking.

If he's going to survive this match, Karisma needs to keep Len's hands away from his crotch! He attacks the punk with more head scissors and bear hugs. And these are some of the sexiest headscissors and bearhugs you will ever see. To be embraced in Karisma's strong arms would be heaven, and Len is halfway there. He is clearly reveling in both agony and ecstacy and he prolongs the holds for as long as is endurable. Len finally surrenders, mentally and physically, crying out in submission. Finally satisfied, Karisma lays him down and grinds and humps him, pulling that blond hair, lip-locking Len, and giving him a reward to remember! A sweaty and spectacularly Sexy Showdown.

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Kid Karisma vs. Len Harder
29 minutes

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Kid K's post-match lip lock on Len

Len repeatedly punishes KK's crotch

Posing & grinding on Len's face

Len face sits & punishes KK's pouch

Bulging butt & popping package

Camel clutch & bulging bicep

Sweaty Len suffering sublimely in one of Kid Karisma's many sexy bear hug applications

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