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  Joah Bindao vs. MJ Vergara

Joah Bindao - 5'5 145

Joah batters MJ's rock hard abs

Wind up for a big gut bashing

Magnificent bearhug on MJ

MJ returns the gut punishment and ab abuse. Joah about to get nailed with a flying gut buster!

Fire with Fire

Ten years ago Joah Bindao made a splash at BG East in Submissions 6. It was a battle against muscle god Mike Columbo that was doomed from the start. The fight pitted Columbo's sheer solid brawn against Bindao's spectacular acrobatics, with massive bulk eventually hammering fluid energy down to the ground. It was a case of iron beating fire. And the outcome emerged less from inequality in physique and skill than from a clash in performance styles. Bindao would not fight for us again until we could find him an opponent as gifted in high-energy lucha tactics as he. Bindao would return when he could demonstrate to fans that US-style catch-as-catch-can wrestling is compatible with lucha-style showmanship. Impressed as we were with Joah's body and agility, we wondered whether we would see the handsome fighter again, especially after the agonizing (and exciting) beatdown he received from Columbo.

When BG East invited him back, Bindao accepted on condition that he could handpick his opponent. This time he wanted somebody close to him in size, weight, and speed. He spotted sexy bad boy MJ Vergara in the streets, so we're told, where the shirtless kid with the punked-out Mohawk was shadow boxing, showing off for his pals. Asked if he was interested in getting in the ring and fighting a real wrestler, MJ was intrigued. Of course, he partly didn't want to refuse the proposition for fear of losing face in front of his friends. Then again something in Bindao's manner drew him in, tooâ??but also threatened him a little Perhaps it was the spark of cruelty in Joah's eyes, or else it was the veteran's arrogance and years of experience. MJ wanted to prove himself against the veteran, and he accepted the challenge, perhaps a bit too hastily.

BGE suited MJ up in boots and gear according to Joah's exact specifications. MJ also got a few pointers on how to handle himself in the ring against a competitor like the proud and highly skilled veteran. On the day of the taping of this bout, MJ was confident and ripped like a rock star. But when Joah climbed into the ring with a Mohawk much like his own, but more severe, even threatening, in its cut, MJ looked momentarily bewildered. For his part, Bindao acted the perfect gentleman. Sure, he looked his opponent up and down, calculating how to move against the slim but muscular youth, but he was magnanimous and considerate of the kid's inexperience. MJ was near the age of Joah back when he faced Columbo. It was agreed that they would start off slowly, letting the momentum build as both felt more comfortable and as the fire of competition warmed them.

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Joah Bindao vs. MJ Vergara
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Joah braces his tight abs as MJ drives a fist into his muscular gut

MJ clearly enjoys scissoring Joah

MJ Vergara - 5'3 135

That's using your head!

Joah's tight speedo gets peeled off

More abuse to MJ's tight abs

The hot lightweight muscle studs take the action out onto the arena floor. Up by the hair, job boy!

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