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  Mike Pitt vs. Exavier

Mike Pitt 5'8 175

Exavier's firemans carry on Mike

Rope choke before the throw in

Exavier's double pec claw

Suspended upside down & leg split, gravity ultimately takes its toll, cute Mike is forced to submit

Take Notes, Wannabe's and Rookieboys, Take Notes!

Dazzling and funny, Exavier has been one of BGE's most entertaining wrestlers. You never know what this guy will wear to the ring, but it's always a safe bet it will be skin tight, skimpy, and as colorful as a Saturday morning cartoon. He's the only wrestler who can talk nonstop through a headscissors-even when he's the guy caught in the scissors! He's also built like Stretch Armstrong ... and tough as rattlesnake jerky. He comes to Ringwars (his second visit) tanned, fit, and ready to stir up trouble for somebody.

Of course, to hear him tell it, Exavier is only trying to be nice (for once) when he presses the toe of his boot down on Mike Pitt's shoulders while Mike attempts some pushups after a set of crunches, in order to limber up for the match. Then he shoves Pitt aside-not a particularly good idea, given Pitt's short fuse (hence the nickname "Pittbull")-with a dismissive wave of the hand: "Get out of the way, little man." He offers to show the burly rookie a thing or two about doing a "proper pushup." Pitt's not taking it. "First things first," he says, squinting in disbelief at Ex's Easter-egg-colored gear, "who the fuck are you?"

Exavier decides to take the high road and disregards the vulgar use of language ... for now. He proceeds to demonstrate the proper form for the push-up - "Take notes. Get a notepad." Down and up, down and up, is pretty much the gist of it, folks, but Exavier talks like he's illustrating the correct way to cut a diamond. When Pitt reciprocates by putting his boot to Exavier's back - "some resistance," he calls it - Exavier rolls over and takes Mike down to the mat with a hard thump. The fall takes a little of the fire out of Pitt, and Exavier is more determined than before to take the kid to school, so the boy can "at least get your ass kicked looking like a professional."

Mike is hardly the type to stand for somebody talking down to him. Exavier's tone of voice could not be more condescending. Barking out commands like he's talking to a puppy in training, not a wrestler who has already tested his mettle against the likes of Dick Rick, Donnie Drake, and Bulldog Barzini, not exactly lightweights, Exavier verbally humiliates his young opponent. But Mike stands in the corner, as ordered, though glowering with a seething rage, waiting for a clean shot at the blowhard. Exavier practically eggs the kid on, turning his back on him to show off some basic bodybuilder poses. Pitt darts in and attempts to swat Exavier's nads from behind, but Exavier is quicker than he looks, with eyes seemingly at the back of his head and intercepts Mike's arm. Uh oh! Trouble!

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Mike Pitt vs. Exavier
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Driving both his boots into Mike's already beaten down chest

Exavier bridges up in his nasty Indian deathlock variation

Exavier 5'10 200

Mike gets some extra resistance

Mike's pecs & back get stretched out

Cobra clutch on the babyface

Mike's favorite crippler crossface has the pink-cheeked babyface flush with the prospect of victory

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