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  Alexi Adamov vs. Nick Naughton

Alexi Adamov 6'3 225

Big boys struggling headlock

Headscissors from the rafters

Washboard abs gets trampled

Trapped in the corner, Sexy Alexi gets the air choked out of him

The Main Event: No Nice Guys

Ringwars 19 brings us prime Alexi Adamov, in full flower as a coolly nonchalant and red-blooded hero. The tall, smooth-skinned Russian has been a sensation since he modeled skimpy ring gear for Brad Rochelle in The Contract 6: When the Cat's Away. In a mere five years, his strong, symmetrically muscled body, in combination with a handsomely deadpan face, has heated up over twenty BG East matches. "Heat" is perhaps too tame a word for what Alexi brings to the ring - the guy is thermonuclear. Moreover, under the careful coaching of the BGE star-making machine, "Sexy Alexi" has grown from a beautiful jobber, once derided by the other competitors as a "doormat," to a respected, savvy, and aggressive fighter who can play hero or heel, however you want him to bring it. And in either capacity, and especially in this outing, he is very near absolute perfection.

For a while, "Naughty" Nick Naughton was the company's go-to guy for taking down new pretty boys - just to let them know that, if they were thinking BGE was going to be a beauty pageant, they had another think coming. Tristan and Rudy Cortez were tossed to him like so much raw meat, and the Triple N gnawed right through them. He was set to make himself a triple threat against beautiful Donnie Drake, until Drake came back at him, all pistons firing, and taught Nick a valuable lesson - sometimes killer looks come with killer instincts, too. So you might think the loudmouth heel would approach Sexi Alexi with just a modicum more caution and respect. Nuh uh. No way. Naughton "forecasts" nothing but doom and destruction for Alexi, even rubbing the young fighter's nose in the fact that, at the time of this taping, he had not yet won a match at BGE. Harsh! But Alexi looks altogether unfazed by Nick's swagger and contempt. If Nick thinks he can make short work of him, Alexi is more than ready to put himself to the test.

When, early on, Adamov tells Naughton he has not met a nice guy yet, he speaks to the high caliber of the competition he has faced at BG East, and Naughton quickly retorts that today is going to be no exception. But talk means nothing to Alexi, and when the two lock up, the hot Russian fixes the heel in a quick headlock and hip-tosses the tough guy down to the mat hard. Nick credits the pretty boy's quick start to luck, but then Alexi shows him that, if luck it is, he can be lucky twice in a row, dropping Nick even harder this time. Naughty Nick Naughton looks stunned. It seems Sexi Alexi has picked up a few tricks since his last BG East match. It looks like NNN is going to have to work for it this time!

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Alexi Adamov vs. Nick Naughton
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Cocky pin on the KO'ed musclestud

A head scissors and bow and arrow combo: Torturing sexy Alexi as many ways as possible

Nick Naughton 5'11 205

Ab stretch: Snarling in pain

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Up by the hair pretty boy

Putting the boots to the pretty boy: Nick stomps on each of Alexi's perfect abs

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