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  Kid Karisma vs. Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor 6'2 175

Karisma's special wet wedgie

Kid K enjoys punishing Christian

Christian gets choked & dunked

The towel he was choked with still wrapped around his neck, Christian squeezed between Kid K's legs

Electric Heel

Wrestling a pal in the pool can be the height of erotic friction and foreplay. Those days (and nights) stay with us forever. Maybe it has something to do with slow motion and the silky slip of wet skin on skin, perhaps, and the way water buffers the impact of body upon body, and lifts us up. Or maybe it has something to do with the seductive way a speedo feels and looks as it goes from dry to various stages of wetness. There's also the clean smell of treated water as it blends with the photosynthetic scents of grass, trees, shrubs, and vines. The invigorating taunts, the flaunting of muscle, the inebriating charms of athleticism and masculine camaraderie, these are the good times of a man's life. Floating and wrestling together, what could be better? The best of BG East's Wet 'n Wild series capture these moments for us to replay at our leisure.

This bout pitting likable charismatic roughneck Kid Karisma against the tall, slender, exquisite Christian Taylor counts as one of our best. When the attraction between two sexy wrestlers is ignited even a pool full of water can't douse it out! Christian is lying by the pool, his newly defined physique on display, trying to soak in the rays on a mostly overcast day, stretching out that last day of vacation at BG East Florida.

Cocky Karisma struts over, itching for trouble, deliberately blocking what little sun there is. His muscles are tight, fresh from a workout, and there are sparks in his eyes. Something's churning inside him this afternoon, and he's all provocation. He wants a fight, and Christian is the guy he wants to fight. With a crooked smirk, he calls Taylor a "jobber." Fighting words. Bemused by the tactic and aroused at the site of the hunky red head, Christian eagerly rises to the bait. The possibility of mixing it up with a hot hard body like Kid Karisma is too tempting to resist - and what a way to celebrate his last day in paradise! Karisma is all cocky and mouthy, strutting, preening and generally showing off, clearly intent on acting the heel - well, so be it. Taylor confronts the hunk and then shoves the leering muscle boy right into the pool and then dives in after. The water war is ON!

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Kid Karisma vs. Christian Taylor
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Kid K rides the Christian camel

Serious figure 4 head scissors

Kid Karisma 5'8 170

Kid K pushed into the pool

Dripping wet speedo bearhug

Payback headscissors dunker

Wake up, sleeping beauty! Kid Karisma about to plant a sweet lip lock on Christian Taylor

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