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  Mitch Colby vs. Brook Stetson

Hammerlock: Mounting beefy Brook

Head to head: Powering his way out

Buns! Full body press grapevine pin

Double 69 headscissors battle

Model vs Mauler: Brook grounded by Mitch's scissor/armlock combo

The Gloves Come Off - And So Do The Singlets!

"More?" Brook asks incredulously. Mitch is game, both men now slick with their own sweat. Brook grapevines Mitch, spread eagled and writhing in pain yet again. Mitch gives, "Okay, enough!" but Brook refuses to let go. "Come on little man, show me what you got!" he taunts. Mitch finally has had enough of getting bullied. He uses Brook's own singlet straps to choke the big man, determined to do whatever it takes to even the playing field. The grappling takes a sadistic turn, as neither hunk cares any more about counting submissions or pinfalls. There's no pause in the action. There's no gloating or self-congratulations. One submission is just a stepping-stone to the next humiliating form of punishment. Mitch secures a vice-like armbar on big brute Brook and works every ounce of strength he can to force an agonizing submission. The big man only submits when Mitch promises, with complete conviction, "I'll break it!!!" Now it's personal.

What started as an amateur squash turns decidedly more closely contested and more vicious. Can Mitch soak up the amount of punishment it will take to finally tire out the juggernaut? Brook counters with a quick, crushing head scissor submission that leaves Mitch unable to breath or speak, but once again, Mitch barely pauses before launching a counter attack. He maneuvers the big man to his back for an astonishingly sexy schoolboy pin. Brook can't seem to believe his own predicament, with Mitch's crotch in his face. The big man taps his submission out on Mitch's sweaty ass. Now it's VERY personal!

Sweat soaked singlets are stripped to sweatier jocks. Mat skills and endurance give way to brute force and brutality. Both battlers prolong pins and submissions, taking time to taunt and flex. The final submission is a stunner not to be missed. A series of scissor holds finally wear one exhausted hunk down until he's defenseless, but stubbornly, astonishingly refusies to concede. The victor milks out a smothering, face-to-crotch, figure-4 head scissor submission with the suffering hunk's arms literally tied behind his back. For fans of massive muscles, mat skills, domination, and long, long suffering hunks refusing to concede to the bitter end, Brook and Mitch dedicate this match to you! Glorious!

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Mitch Colby vs. Brook Stetson
34 minutes

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Mitch bound in his own jockstrap

Brook Stetson contains Mitch Colby within his massive thighs

Choke! When all else fails, cheat!

Smothering jockstrap headscissors

Brutal Book's big bubble butt

Musclebutt Mitch bottoms Brook

Big beefy Brook: Mitch KO'ed under the big sweaty muscle bear

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