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  Cole Cassidy vs. Tony Vencini

Cole Cassidy 5'8 165

Cole's pet bow & arrow

Tony admires his work in the mirror

Cole's thighs are like vice grips

Tony grimaces in pain as Cole savors his neck-cranking camel variation

A Hot Sweaty Face-Off Long Overdue

How have these guys NOT faced one another yet? They've been just around the corner from each other ever since Tony arrived at BG East, facing several of the same opponents and appearing on the same collections more than once. Both of them are particularly devastating on the mats. They can both take a beating and come roaring back for more. They're both strong as an ox, cool as ice, and in the case of Cole, cunning as a cobra. How they've managed to not square off against each other before now is a mystery.

Finally, the stars align, and these two forces-to-be-reckoned-with find themselves training in the same gym. Tony is warming up on the speed bag and working wrestling drills on the mats in tight, white trunks. Cole is pumping iron and flexing, admiring his own incredibly chiseled physique in the mirror. The inevitable face-off materializes. That look (you know that look) is exchanged wordlessly between them when they catch each other checking the other out in the mirror. The inevitable face-off ensues. They shake hands and square off. The action is instantly hot and sweaty, as both men launch technically impeccable wrestling assaults. Cole sets the tone early, though, slapping Tony's ass as he controls him wrapped up in small package. Someone will get taken to school before this match is over!

This is a chess match, with every move having implications two and three countermoves to come. Both wrestlers grapple smart and fierce, quickly proving that they're evenly matched in strength. Cole has an early advantage in speed, though, and he manages to trap Tony in a high, tight head scissors that transitions to a humiliating schoolboy pin, with Cole's crotch hovering over Tony's chin. "You don't got a whole lot of experience, do you?" Cole taunts as he starts to slap down a leisurely three-count pin.

Cole only manages to make it to two, though, before Tony muscles his way free and launches his own paralyzing counter-attack. In fact as we know, Tony does have quite a bit of experience, and he raises his game to match the speed and skill of his competitive opponent. They battle their way back to neutral once again, breathing heavily and eyeing one another warily. "Not bad," Cole concedes grudgingly, both men breaking out into a slick coat of sweat and taking nothing for granted as the action continues.

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Cole Cassidy vs. Tony Vencini
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