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  Jobe Zander vs. Cage Thunder

Jobe Zander - 6'0, 190 lbs

Very bad news for CageThunder

Bulging back-bending boston

The Centerpiece gets kneed

Shut the fuck up, Bitch! A mouthful of sweaty trunks muffles Jobe's pathetic cries for help

"Is This Halloween?"

Jobe "Centerpiece" Zander hasn't let little things like the endless humiliations and beatings he's suffered in the BG East arena over the last few years interfere with his self-adoration. Why let a little thing like a ZERO in the win column ruin your day?! And since Jobe is Jobe's favorite subject, and the only thing he likes better than talking about himself is listening to other people talk about him, he's more than happy to engage in pre-match banter - with his opponent, or with the camera or just with himself! As for all the snide commentary from the other wrestlers-- well, he just dismisses that as jealousy!

After all, he's JOBE, a living legend in the making -- and already a legend in his own mind! And he can, every once in a while, tear himself away from the mirror (and his hair products) to answer his fan email in the locker room. And he's doing just that when Cage Thunder emerges from the locker area in full leather Master garb. Jobe takes one look at the masked deviant and bursts out laughing. "What is this, Halloween?" Jobe jokes - but Cage isn't known for his sense of humor. He tears the laptop from Jobe's hands and slams it shut on that oh-so-inviting bulge! And as Jobe moans, Cage drags him out and tosses him into the ring - shooting some of Jobe's sexy gear after him like rubber bands!

Pissed off and ready to vent his spleen on the sexy stud, the hairy masked thug quickly changes into his ring attire and comes rushing back to dole out some punishment on The Centerpiece! And to Cage, that massive bulge is like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull! Knees, elbows, boots, and fists all find themselves making a connection with the The Centerpiece's centerpiece as Cage works Jobe from one corner to the other! Again and again, Jobe's face reddens as his screams of agony echo throughout the arena! But Jobe - despite his 0-100 record in the ring - isn't anyone's fool, and manages to get out of the way as Cage launches himself into the corner to crush Jobe into defeat. Crashing into the vacant corner staggers the masked monster...and Jobe's now ready for some payback!

And no one ever said Jobe wasn't skilled. Quite the contrary. He may have the most flappable jaw in all of pro wrestling but his years of experience in the pro rings, on the underground circuit and on private mats and beds around the country have secured for him an arsenal of useful holds and moves -- the fury of which he unleashes upon the unsuspecting hirsute masked man. First there's Jobe's patented butt-centric surfboard submission. A wrenching boston crab will make you squirm in your seat -- or if such things arouse you, make your jeans a lot tighter! A full nelson applied like a camel clutch continues the back torture. His atomic wedgie will make you want to loosen your undies!

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Jobe Zander vs. Cage Thunder
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Jobe uses his head and puts his full weight into his signature surfboard submission hold

Hairy chested camel-nelson

Cage Thunder - 5'11, 184 lbs

Atomic wedgie: Cage on his knees

Air Jobe! Big flying knee drop

Crushing The Centerpiece!

Jobe screams for mercy in an over the shoulder body vice backbreaker

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