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  Jobe Zander vs. Cage Thunder

Z for Zander - bubblicious butt

Jobe talks smack to Cage

Bulge versus Bulge: Crotch collision!

Head butt to The Centerpiece!

Battle of the Bulge: Both wrestlers hold their swelling crotches as they ball bash each other

"No Saints Day"

Jobe's been waiting for a long time for this chance -- to show everyone just how brutal and nasty he can be when given the opportunity! Imagine the buzz if he can score a win over the heretofore undefeated and brutal Thunder. Jobe would jump to the front line of BG East's top contender. And so with the brutish masked heel dazed and unexpectedly at his mercy, a nasty grin crawls across the Conceited One's face.

Stomps to the back, kicks to the side, and that atomic wedgie exposing a hairy butt cheek are all part of the brutal assault. Cage is tossed into the corner and punched and stomped until the big hairy thug collapses to the mat! A brutal leg split and a couple of boots to Cage's own ample package leave him sprawled over the lower rope - convenient for a little choking! A big bodyslam almost gets Jobe a three count -- but Cage is able to lift a shoulder. Jobe continues working over his hairy opponent -- launching into the air for some major stomps and knee drops! And then goes for Cage Thunder's mask!!

On and on the beating continues -- as Jobe taunts him and poses over him in triumph! Jobe lands so many brutal punches his hand gets sore -- and has to resort to kicks again, finally dragging Cage to his feet and a vicious shoulder-breaker that just might be the final straw for the masked man. But after a three count, Jobe gets a little too cocky -- and that centerpiece is just too inviting a target... especially when he plants it on the masked man's chin! Not the brightest of moves -- but then when excitement overcomes our Jobe and he gets carried away by the moment, it's like too many birds have perched on his antenna.

The bulge-bashing that ensues is one for the record books! Jobe's vaunted centerpiece gets mashed, bashed, squashed, pinched, pulled, pummeled, stomped, ground, flicked, flogged and jammed in a wedgie which makes his own effort at trunk pulling seem like childs play. And with that sweet bubble butt near fully exposed, the the hairy heelish masked man does what many of us wish we could: He spanks the bitch!

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Jobe Zander vs. Cage Thunder
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Cage yanks up on one of the meanest wedgies we've ever seen

Restraining Jobe's arms, Cage attacks The Centerpiece!

Leather & fur: Kinky Cage

Wedgie: Up & over the shoulder

Hairy heel holds his aching package

Spanking Jobe's bubble butt!

Cage corners Jobe and applies a crotch exposing bulge claw hold on The Centerpiece

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