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  Aqua vs. Angelo Blanco*

Aqua - 5'6, 135

Trampling across Angelo's chest

Unique bridging leg split submission

Mask rearranging sleeper hold

Angelo Blanco's battle bone at full-mast as he schoolboy pins his light lovely Aqua boy

"Masked Menace"

There's something undeniably sexy about mystery men doing battle in a room, on mats their identities concealed by masks. And when Angelo Blanco and Aqua see each other, their faces hidden, the sexual chemistry and attraction could have been cut with a knife! Blanco arousal aleady evident in his mesh tights. The two lean, sexy studs tentatively and suggestively touch each other's torsos, clearly aroused and excited by the other's sensuality and mystery. What better way for two horny young men to determine who's going to control the other sexually than wrestling for it?

And their excitement is very apparent in their form-fitting tights as they start wrestling for control; their bodies tangling, crotches rubbing against butts, as they jockey for position, their skin becoming slick with sweat! And what Blanco has in mind for his sexy opponent is very obvious as he rubs his arousal all over Aqua's masked face and takes every opportunity to grab Aqua's bulge -- but sexual excitement can be distracting -- especially when your opponent is willing to use it against you! Time and again, Blanco's advantage is lost when he allows his attraction to the blue clad beauty to distract him! The smaller but totally ripped Aqua takes any and every opportunity to dominate the bigger Blanco.

But Aqua's frustration at having his balls squeezed and battered so frequently inspires him to fight harder, eventually rolling Blanco up into a pin and giving his tight ass a brutal spanking! Payback is a bitch, and Aqua has no problem with some brutality of his own! After wringing an impressive submission out of his foe, though, now Aqua allows his own attraction for his foe to take control, stroking Blanco's lean body -- but the lust brings them back to the fight again! And now it's Blanco's turn for some payback of his own, twisting the sexy youngster into positions a circus contortionist would do well to emulate! But the fight -- always treading that fine line between wrestling and sexuality -- is slowly become more and more sensual, as their bodies become slicker with sweat, as a head scissors becomes more about having a face in your crotch...and the scissors holds go back and forth, almost as though it's all about foreplay... And maybe it is...

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Aqua vs. Angelo Blanco*
31 minutes

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Masked lip lock? Eyes lock seductively as the grapple continues

A headscissors gives Blanco the opening to strip Aqua

Angelo Blanco - 5'8, 148

Schoolboy pin with a ball grab

Bonerfied headscissors on Aqua

Leg nelson: going for the groin

Aqua tries to scissor his way out of Blanco's reverse schoolboy and crotch claw

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