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  Dev Michaels vs. Lucky Loko

Bearhugging the hot lightweight

Rib-cracking squeeze from behind

Lucky smashed to the mat by his hair

Dev uses the ropes to pin Loko

Ripped and shredded, Big Dev shows off the goods as Lucky Loko is hung up on the ropes

A Gem of Nuanced Understatement: "Oh Crap!"

Lucky Loko clings limply to the corner ropes, unwilling to let go of his dreams of breaking into the BG East ranks and add to his creds as a pro wrestler. But brawny Dev Michaels grabs him by the boots and drags him to the center of the ring for more grueling punishment. With a whole lot of pluck and miles of self-confidence, Lucky fires back with punches and kicks, unsurprisingly to no avail. Dev shoves Lucky's face to the mat and plants his big boot on the back of the kid's head, sarcastically snapping, "Been here before?" He then plies the upstart with a series of headscissors and other holds designed to crush the boy's will. Loko repeats, "I don't quit," over and over, even as his head lolls in a half-conscious daze. A nearly maiming armbar at last wrings out Lucky's submission.

Anyone but Lucky would have seen a fight against a big, experienced brawler like Michaels as hopeless from the get-go. His struggle against the odds, however, is no less valiant for being foolhardy. Lucky opens Round Three with a kick to Dev's midsection, a maneuver that only succeeds in pissing Michaels off. Dev works Loko's unlucky legs and locks on a savage figure-four. When Loko squeaks out, "Oh crap!" we all can feel his frustration, however much we enjoy witnessing the spectacle of his total humiliation at the hands of an up and coming heel. Just how many varieties of whoop-ass can one man devise? And how much punishment can a man take - even one as full of high hopes as Lucky?

Dev guillotines Lucky on the middle rope, tosses him by his long hair, and forces him to watch himself in the mirror as he gets the wind squeezed out of him. Storybooks may tell you that a David can beat a Goliath, but storybooks are sometimes overrated and often get it wrong! Loko shows plenty of raw ability as well as loads of heart throughout this contest, and we wonder how he might fare against an opponent closer to his size and weight - not to mention a well packed pouch and a very shapely derriere. And we suspect he'd do excellently well against someone who didn't outweigh him by fifty pounds of massive muscle! But here against a brute like Michaels, Loko gets flattened. Like roadkill flattened. Still, he and Michaels put on the kind of rip-snorting show fans of BG East have come to expect, and lovers of dazzling squash jobs won't find many more dazzling than this. Great gear, great holds, great action, great aggro, great match!

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Dev Michaels vs. Lucky Loko
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Dev yanks the lightweight off the ropes

UnLucky Loko gets his brains squeezed

The longhair heading for a fall

Lucky trapped and trampled on the ropes

Knee snapping figure 4 leglock

Sexy Loko in Dev's full nelson

Tossed out of the ring to the hard floor, lean lightweight Lucky shows off his tattoos & sexy curves

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