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  Dev Michaels vs. Lucky Loko

Big Dev Michaels - 5'10, 200 lbs

Front chancery on Lucky

Combo firemans carry and rack

Not-so-Lucky nelsoned and spread

Lucky Loko screams in agony as Big Dev Michaels pours on the bearhug pressure and punishment

High Hopes! He's Got High Hopes!

Dev Michaels cannot believe his eyes when longhair Lucky Loko climbs into the ring to challenge him. For one thing, little Lucky could sleep in Dev's jockstrap as a hammock. Okay, we exaggerate, but the discrepancy in size is astounding. Second, Michaels, massive and granite solid, looks ready to jump into a pier six brawl ... or maybe Mad Max's Thunderdome. By contrast, Loko looks like he got a doctor's excuse to sit out phys ed for the year. Michaels' first thought is that The Boss must be pulling his leg. Who is this pipsqueak? His second thought is that the punk in the shiny metallic trunks must not have read the fine print on his contract. His third thought, and the one he decides to run with, is that, if the young, sexy, long-haired, tattooed baby-blue-eyes here wants somebody to toughen him up, Big Dev Michaels will be more than happy to oblige.

Loko is amazingly scrappy. He's got a hot little career going for himself in an indy fed which appreciates and showcases lightweights. And as such, he's been trained and tested and put through the wringer by lots of heavyweights. But there's something daunting about Big Dev... As nimble as he is full of piss and vinegar, Loko grabs Michaels from behind, locking his fingers together right below the big man's navel, and declares, by way of a game plan and philosophy of life, "I'm hanging on and I'm gonna hang on." And we'll be damned if he doesn't do just that! Tenacious as a tick, the kid clings to Michaels for dear life, and no amount of gyrating and thrusting succeeds in unfastening the pesky challenger. When Dev finally powers loose, the wiry punk bounces off the ropes and plows back into him ... multiple times. The big man just stands there rock solid and doesn't budge an inch. And still the lean lightweight optimist keeps coming back for more!

What we have learned over the years is that, even in a match whose outcome, for all intents and purposes looks predestined, there can be BIG surprises. Dev hoists Loko up over his head, ready to dash him to the canvas, and, lo and behold, the kid wriggles free and launches Michaels headfirst into the turnbuckle! Lucky even lands a few solid punches to Dev's abs and, emboldened by this taste of success, he climbs the ropes for a corner mount. But his 10-count punchfest barely hits two before Dev crushes his waist in his powerful arms. Michaels puts the punk through the wringer, leaving Lucky wobbly on his feet and clinging to the ropes for support. Loko refuses to submit, even as Michaels stomps, tosses, and bends him without mercy. Such persistence is rare - not to mention bat-shit crazy, in this case. Who is this "Lucky Loko," and what the hell is he thinking?

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Dev Michaels vs. Lucky Loko
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Dev plants a boot on Lucky

And squeezes the lightweight HARD!

Lucky Loko - 5'7, 145 lbs

Loko suspended by his neck!

Big Dev calls the shots

Cros neck choke scissors

Dev puts the big squeeze on Lucky Loko from the front and the back to punish the sexy lightweight

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