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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Brook Stetson

Big Boned Brook - 5'11, 240 lbs

Cocky Jonny on bulging Brook

Mutual gut busting and boner

Jonny tweaks Brook's nipples

Brook uses a double leg trap to pin Jonny to the mat and then spanks his opponent's vulnerable butt

The New Golden Age, or Big Bad Brook Gets a Big Bad Boner

Jonny Firestorm has made it something of a specialty of his to take on bigger opponents, but one look at Brook Stetson, not only big but also solid muscle, with a pronounced propensity for taking matches to extremes, and it's hard not to miss the slight squeak in Jonny's voice when he gasps, "You get loose from the zoo or something?" And this is coming from a man who has fought - and fought with enviable fortitude - highly touted wrestlers like Brad Rochelle, Mac Matthias, and Braden Charron, just to name three. But as we've learned, Firestorm is a dauntless brawler. We have never seen him back down from a fight or pick opponents on the basis of who might make for an easy and predictable win. He has a fighting heart, through and through, always seeking a challenge, always pushing the limits of the possible, in constant pursuit of a new personal best.

Firestorm bristles when Brook dismissively calls him "little man." Pumping his bicep in the big man's face, "Who," he asks, the chip almost visible on his shoulder, "you calling 'little man'?" He hates it worse when Brook calls him a "rookie." With no further provocation Jonny leaps on the hairy muscle daddy and rides him down to the ground. It's something of a truism that a smaller wrestler can minimize the size disadvantage by getting his man down low - where both competitors have equivalent centers of gravity, where an opponent's weight can be used to one's own advantage. World-class mat or freestyle wrestlers tend to be small, tightly built, and agile. But Stetson, tall and burly with a bursting boner in his tight yellow squares, knows his way around a grappling mat, too - and, sure, Firestorm's got some speed on the guy, but not a whole lot.

Despite the obvious size difference, here is a match that will wow fans of evenly matched contests. This is straight-edge grappling, folks, between two steely bad boys who have hair on their chests and years of putting the hurt on guys. Stetson is a punisher. When he's on the dishing-out end of things, he bends and twists Firestorm in ways bodies aren't designed to bend. He tweaks Jonny's nipples and yanks his chest hair, even sits on his face and manhandles his package - and Jonny answers with a mean smash to Stetson's nose. Jonny's gut punches resound with a palpable smack, and the subsequent grunts are so honest you think they're coming out of you. This action is set nowhere near a traditional pro wrestling ring, but the action calls to mind the golden era of TV rasslin, when fighters gouged, groaned, and gripped before thousands of screaming fans.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Brook Stetson
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