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  Joe Robbins vs. Jayden Mayne

Jayden bulging in Joe's scissors

Big Joe gets hammerlocked

Joe easily hoists young Jayden...

and then SLAMS him to the mat

Sweaty sexy Joe Robbins literally puts the finishing touches on cute courageous Jayden Mayne

Pain on Mayne: Mercy is Optional

A classic textbook heel in every way, Joe Robbins holds helpless suffering Jayden Mayne in a side headlock and forces him to watch in the mirror as he strikes a single bicep pose. Jayden takes advantage of his opponent's distraction to twist loose and nab the big bully in a hammerlock. But Mayne's advantage is short lived, and the muscle jock smacks him down and then punishes the long lean teen with a brutal back-bending torture rack. The rack is one of many advantages size gives a ring wrestler, and Joe knows enough to use every advantage at his fingertips. One thing he hasn't learned is not to turn his back on a crafty and ambitious young opponent like Mayne. Turning away from the crumpled heap of rookie on the canvas, Joe can't resist admiring his own finely hewn muscle in the mirror. Jayden kicks his legs out from under him, jumps on his back, and starts to choke him out. Joe powers out in the nick of time, but the ordeal has winded and weakened him.

Jayden is young, smooth, and slender, but it would be inaccurate to call him a jobber or a twink. "Twink" carries with it an insinuation of flirty boyishness. By contrast, Jayden, young though he may be, is butch, tough, and scrappy, and there's an air of military in the way he stands and carries himself - or maybe it's just the haircut, thick dark hair trimmed close to the skull, nothing epicene or arty about it. This match in particular requires the rookie to absorb a lot of punishment. He takes it like a man. And he never loses his alertness or his fight. His eyes continually search Joe for the least hint of a point of weakness, which, once spotted, triggers the young fighter to act with smooth precision and lethal speed.

Fans of the bearhug and the boston crab will appreciate the smooth and methodical brutality of Big Joe's style. Robbins clearly likes to dish out the pain on Mayne. The studious way he squeezes the air from Jayden's body is the sign of a master bully at work. Then, not giving the kid the chance to shake the cobwebs out of his head, he resumes the assault, easily carrying the young budding star around in his huge arms as he squeezes the air and life out of the struggling, straining, suffering pretty boy. And he doesn't consider breaking a hold until every muscle in Jayden Mayne's body goes loose and limp. That's the kind of vicious professionalism we have learned to admire in BG East heels. Though there's no shortage of manly pulchritude and chiseled muscle at BG East, it's the little things - like cruelty, audacity, training and technique in the art of hurting people - that separate us from the rest. And the interest and enthusiasm for Jayden is NOT misplaced!

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Joe Robbins vs. Jayden Mayne
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