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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Brook Stetson

Face squat pin and nipple work

Jonny trapped between huge quads

Inventive bow & arrow ball grab

Jonny arched in Brook's backbender

Brook folds and presses JOnny and sit on his face for a punishing and humiliating pin attempt

Crossing Lines and Raising Hackles

Every grappling move you've ever imagined - including a few that will make you rub your eyes in disbelief - gets its moment in this bout. And the brawl turns rough, tough and nasty quick. Jonny Firestorm chokes Brook Stetson while clawing his big pecs - and then, for good measure, slaps him across the mouth to show the big man who's boss. Brook gets hard as a hammer, a noticeable bulge that will draw some unfortunate attention later in the fight... At the climax of the first round, Firestorm immobilizes his heavyweight hunk, barking, "Two ways out of this one: you just give up, or, second, you go out in an ambulance!" Stetson roars like King Kong, but ends up making the prudent choice. Winded, Jonny backs off, telling Brook, "I'll give you credit, you're pretty tough."

As hard and vicious as these two men compete, the goal is to test their grit, man to man, against each other. Can they dish it out? Can they take it? In the second fall, it looks like Brook is trying to shove Jonny INTO the mat, using his full weight to hold the Firestorm down while he figure-fours Jonny's head and sledgehammers his fist to Jonny's belly. When Brook wrenches a submission out of Jonny, he won't let go. He's having too much fun making the young man squirm like a grub on the point of a hook. He headbutts Jonny's chest. He crushes Jonny's throat. He fastens double clawholds to Jonny's chest. How much of this can Jonny take? Stetson bends Jonny backwards, clenching the guy's nads in his fist. Jonny submits ... again ... hissing, "Son of a bitch, that was cheap."

As you expect from two such tough and evenly paired wrestlers, what goes around comes around in fast rotation. Brook is itching to take this fight to the limit. He's been waiting years for a chance to push a match across the line and make it an all-out brawl. But, then, so has Jonny. Both men are ready for it - in fighting shape, and mentally prepared to go at it like a couple of T Rexes. Stetson slaps Firestorm hard across the face, and ready or not, he gets what he's been pushing for. What you're in store for are holds and positions right out of a Bosch painting. Some of the most brutal ball torture caught on film. The two men totally exhaust themselves, going to the very edge of the precipice - more than once contravening good taste and concerns for personal safety. Brook Stetson gives us the Jonny Firestorm fight you said you always wanted to see. BG East brings it. But can you take it? Phenomenally gifted action from two extraordinarily talented mat men.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Brook Stetson
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Face smothering pec claw

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