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  Skrapper vs. Z-Man

Skrapper - 5'10, 155 lbs

Surfboard! A foot to the back has the pretty boy in pain

A powerful punishing full nelson keeps The Z-Man in control

A tight sexy headscissors may spell doom for the Skrapper....

UNTIL he turns the tide and applies one of his own, tighter, meaner and more punishing than Z-Man's

"The Ego to Beat"

The Z-Man's tenure in BG East has not gone quite the way he'd planned. He intended to take BG East by storm, tearing through one wrestler after another to prove that he's not just another pretty face. And it's undeniable that Z-Man has earned the respect of his opponents, dishing out an impressive helping of highly technical wrestling and soaking up an astonishing quantity of punishment like a sponge. Nevertheless, in both of his first two outings, he's come up short in the end. All those muscles, all that attitude, and all that ambition have yet to earn Z-Man his first mark in the victory column.

Skrapper's match record hasn't been much better. Like Z-Man, Skrapper has earned some hard-fought respect from every one of his opponents. He simply doesn't know when to quit, which makes squeezing a submission out of him close to impossible. In the heat of competition, Skrapper slips into an almost feral state, making him more than a handful for opponents well more than 50 pounds bigger. But astonishingly, Skrapper has only one best-of-falls win to his name. When offered the opportunity to step onto the mat with Z-Man, Skrapper didn't hesitate. "That bitch is mine!" he promised The Boss.

The Z-Man's blue briefs with white trim hug the most impressive bulges and curves of his notoriously sexy body. His fitness model physique is both aesthetically perfect and a powerful tool on the wrestling mats. It isn't Z-Man's body that's his problem. It's his head. Like so many muscled wrestlers before him, Z-Man's greatest challenge is in fighting with his own ego. He's got a knack for losing his concentration, getting distracted by his own gorgeous reflection, and getting completely upended as a result of major lapses in focus.

That won't be the story this time, he's determined. He paces impatiently, waiting for Skrapper to show. Ten minutes late, Skrapper strolls in unapologetically, and instantly the Z-Man is irritated, his ego insulted. Already, Skrapper has crawled under his skin and pinched the very nerve that has been Z-Man's Achilles heel from day one. "What's up man," Skrapper asks, wearing purple designer underwear. "Ready to get broken?"

"What kept you so long?!" Z-Man demands. "You kept me waiting here all day! I think you were taking your sweet time because you're afraid." Skrapper shoves Z-Man's sculpted pecs, sending him crashing into the wall behind him. And the fierce mat scrap begins.

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Skrapper vs. Z-Man
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Skrapper applies a unique version of a full nelson using his legs

Skrapper's crucifix exposes the hunk for massive amounts of gut bashing and abs abuse

Z-Man - 5'10, 180 lbs

Z-Man rains down some heavy elbows on the Skrapper

Skrapper grimaces from Z-Man's crotch-ripping leg split

The mat grapplers lock up

Is it over for the muscle god mat stud? Skrapper's look of sublime satisfaction suggests it might be

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