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  Ty Garrison vs. Oliver Lyon

Come in for a closer view, lad

Locked between Garrison's gams

Silencing Oliver's screams

Scissor: Oliver grabs Ty's big bulge

With a forearm across Ty's windpipe, Oliver forcefully grabs Ty's big pouch asserting his dominance

So That's How You Want to Play?!

Surprisingly, this hot and heavy match-up turns out to be a much more competitive and exciting contest than the initial comparative stats of the combatants might have lead one to believe! Oliver senses he's got a chance to score a significant upset and Ty grits his teeth and his loins to take the upstart down. The holds get more painful and the match gets progressively nastier as neither Brit fighter can put the other away for good. Ollie has surprised Ty with his spunky punky tenacity and he has some moments which leave tough Ty frustrated and hurting. When he comes back it's with a punishing vengeance and steely precision. It's clear that Oliver's inexperience puts him at a disadvantage, so seeing how he's getting humiliated every which way by the talented veteran, young Ollie decides that playing dirty might just might very well be the way to fight!

A headscissors on Ty, coupled with a particularly nasty grasp of the Garrison groin wrings a sudden and gasping submission from the more experienced fighter! As soon as he recovers his...composure -and his mashed manhood stops throbbing, Ty takes the punk down and pins him: "So that's how you want to play?" Ty taunts Oliver, flexing both arms. "Come and get me then!", letting him up. Catching Oliver in a nasty bearhug, Ty won't be distracted by any of the boy's antics - whether it's grasping his butt cheeks, or slipping a hand inside of his briefs - Ty won't be denied the submission he wants. And once it's his, he tosses Oliver down on the mattress, schoolboying him, shoving Oliver's face into his bulging crotch, and getting a nasty ball grab of his own on Oliver's privates!

When Oliver gets free and back on top, once again his hand goes straight for Ty's bulge! The struggle intensifies, and any fun, playful cast to this match is gone - it's getting nastier with every hold, every move, every squeeze: now nearly every hold is accompanied by a nasty ball grab. The scissors get tighter and meaner, and the temperature keeps going up. Briefs are pulled, butts exposed, and it's apparent that it's going to take something special to finally force one of these competitors' wills to break. Will Ty's experience be enough to ward off Oliver's youth and determination? Or will Oliver's 'charms' distract Ty just enough to make that final fatal mistake? Splendid action and great aggro!

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Ty Garrison vs. Oliver Lyon
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