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  Jean-Luc Menard vs. Chris Xaos

Chris Xaos - 6'1, 76 kg/170 lbs

Butt humping reverse bearhug

Ear nibbling and butt grabbing

Handful of JeanLuc's hair & bulge

Total domination and humiliation: Chris Xaos shows off his back-breaking torture rack to the sufferi

Anglo-French Relations

Sexy badboy-wannabe Chris Xaos stands in the doorway to the mat room in his leather jacket, a smirk on his face, as he watches his lithe opponent warm up in front of the mirror. Jean-Luc'sperfectly form-fitting tight high-on-the-thigh yellow singlet leaves very little on his lean body to the imagination. The smirk grows wider. "I'm not even going to break a sweat," Jean-Luc boasts as the two come face to face in the center of this private matroom, the ample bulge in the yellow singlet seeming to get larger by the second as they playfully jostle and jockey for that initial pre-match psychological victory. Chris sheds his jacket revealing his long lean torso and that splendid set of buttocks as the two young men eye each other up and down poised to get down to business.

There's electricity sparking between these two sexy matboys, as clearly there's a physical attraction between them. You can see it in their eyes and in the sly smiles and in the subtext under the snide comments. They lock up and take it to the mats, grappling and jostling around as each proves unable to really take control and own the advantage. It's the grins on their faces, the glints in their eyes, that tell the real story. Neither wrestler seems too interested in getting this over with quickly - even better for us viewers! This is a match that will build slowly, simmering with sexiness before coming to a roiling boil. It's the type of match that immediately lures you in and grips you by the groin, just as Chris repeatedly does to his handsome resilient Gallic opponent.

Chris plants his pretty butt on Jea Luc's chest with a dominant schoolboy pin but can't make the French stud surrender - even when his pretty face is pulled up into Chris' sweaty crotch. If anything, he seems to like it there and his defiance is that of a confident fighter who knows his time will come so relax and enjoy the present moment until it does! But finally, with a burst of energy that seems to explode from nowhere, Jean-Luc manages to buck Chris off of him. Their magnetic attraction to one another brings their bodies close together in a series of lusty, sweaty bear hugs that still cannot elicit a submission from the stubborn foe. Each impressed with the other's strength and body, they begin to trade some playful gut punches, before Jean-Luc surprises Chris with a perilously tight sleeper! Chris submits - and the look on his face isn't quite so playful anymore...

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Jean-Luc Menard vs. Chris Xaos
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