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  Denny Cartier vs. Joah Bindao

Cocky muscle boy handstand

Crotch spread submission?

Working to lock on a leg split

Pinning the hunk down on the mat

Joah creates headscissor havoc, Denny in pain as he balances on one foot and one shoulder!

Denny learns soon enough that, for Joah, cleanly pinning an opponent's shoulders to the mat for a three-count does NOT constitute a be-all, end-all win. Joah looks a bit puzzled by the noisy mat slapping, even more shocked that Denny would release him for no reason, neither man having decisively won the match, as he sees it. For Joah, a bout is not complete until one man submits or crumples into unconsciousness. Cartier does everything right, according to the rulebooks he grew up with. He keeps Joah off-center, he immobilizes his man again and again, and he presses the man's shoulder-blades flat on the mat. He may think he's won the first fall, but all he's done is rile Joah up.

Joah fights back with a series of body and head scissors, intent on hurting Denny or knocking him out! Denny is a quick study, though. "So that's how he wants to play this," he thinks, and gamely attacks the legs, which are Joah's weapons of choice, and wrings Joah's torso as if determined to wrench the last breath out of the man. Through grueling effort, Denny submits Joah. He likes the feeling of raw dominance over another man. He previously went balls to the wall as a heavy, in a recent brawl with Attila Dynasty. Now here's his opportunity to cut loose on a guy and earn his stripes as a true bad boy.

Joah makes the transition to brute easy on Denny's conscience. Joah not only refuses to play according to Denny's freestyle rules, but also uses every means necessary to punish his adversary. He holds nothing back, strangling Denny with a rear naked choke which has the hunk gasping for air. Joah traps Denny in a bearhug so tight it numbs the nerves and turns muscle to jelly. Denny collapses like a wet rag when finally released. Joah applies another bearhug crushing his sexy prey. Denny senses he's at a crossroads. Time to muster up his best fight, or be put permanently out of commission. Quickly the match intensifies to a strenuous and sensuous battle between two of BG East's best grapplers!

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Denny Cartier vs. Joah Bindao
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Denny's got a mean leg spread on Joah who counters with a punishing arm bar - but who wins?

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