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  Denny Cartier vs. Joah Bindao

Denny Cartier - 5'5, 165

Gazebo grapplers lock up

Bridging up in a smart cradle pin

Ripping Joah's big pouch apart

Denny's tight sleeper has Joah panicking in fear and bulging big in his red speedo

Two Worlds, One Gazebo

Always smiling and eager, Denny Cartier looks strong, but then he's always sported a brawny build, with a low center of gravity, ideal for grappling. This is his 7th appearance, his first in the gazebo, a deceptively genteel-looking setting that's become legendary as the site of some of the sexiest, highest-stake battles in the company's history. Denny's preference has always been for amateur wrestling, governed by clear rules of safety and fair play. He should be right at home on the gazebo's regulation mats. But given its dubious history, can the gazebo be depended on to ensure a clean fair fight?

Denny's fired up to fight Joah Bindao, a wrestler whose BGE bouts are rare and far between. It takes something special to lure Joah to action, so this pairing attests to Denny's growing popularity. Their backgrounds, both cultural and athletic, could not be more different. Bindao is not comfortable with his English-speaking skills. He prefers to communicate through his actions: his cut, sexily curvy body does all his speaking for him.

Without fanfare, the two men lock up. They know what they're here for, and language being something of a barrier, it makes sense that they should just get down to business. Denny, barefoot, gains command of his opponent right away, grappling Joah down to the mat. Instinctively he goes for the pin, but a pinfall means little to Joah, for whom submission is the name of the game. Though his preference is for a sportsmanlike contest, Denny has nevertheless long lost his innocence about underground wrestling through hard-fought struggles with Jonny Firestorm, Joe Robbins, and Mikey Vee, men not noted for their civility or respect for rules. Denny then has not only the moves and a slight size advantage, but also the fighting experience to take on a man like Joah.

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Denny Cartier vs. Joah Bindao
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Cranking on a guillotine submission/pin combo, Denny uses his chin for additional pressure

Rib crushing bodyscissors

Joah Bindao - 5'5 140

Huge tight quads squeezing Joah

Wow! Bubble but leg cradle

Shoulder popping big bulging pin

Denny lifted off his feet, arched in agony in Joah's breathtaking and wedgie-inducing bearhug

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