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  Joshua Goodman vs. Christopher Bruce

Christopher Bruce - 5'8, 185

Chris hurts Mr J: Headscissor legsplit

Brutal neck-crank folding press

Rib cracking muscle bearhug

Mr Joshua buried deep between Chris Bruce's powerful quads in this brain rattling head scissors

Don't Call It a Comeback - And DO Call me Mister!

It's amazing that Joshua Goodman and Christopher Bruce have never met. Not only have they never met on the mat or in the ring, but they have never appeared on the same DVD. About the time that Mr. Joshua was hitting his stride at BG East, Mr. Bruce was already being called "a legend." For a few years now, Chris shows up from time to time to dip his toe into the wrestling game and remind himself of what he's been missing. A while back when somebody used the word "comeback" in reference to one of his later matches, he winced. He had never "retired." If he staggers his appearances at BG nowadays, it's because he's a man who operates according to his own timetable. And the man is bigger and more solid, with more fight in him, than he was even in his so-called prime.

"Didn't know you actually existed." Joshua interrupts his stretches to take note of Chris, ambling up to the gazebo in dark shades and workout shorts. Chris takes his sweet time, looking unruffled and unimpressed. When The Boss invited him to wrestle Joshua Goodman in Gazebo Grapplers 13, he replied, "Is he a new kid?" The Boss was on the verge of explaining who Goodman was when he caught the glint in Chris's eye. Chris had heard about "Mister" Joshua all right. He just wasn't letting on that he had. Josh is quick to let Chris know whose house this is now (or, rather, whose gazebo), saying that he was "flipping through the archives and saw you were somebody I hadn't beat yet." Chris picks up on the cocky attitude implicit in the word "yet," but it lets it roll off his back.

Joshua strikes poses, highlighting his biceps, his abs, his quads. But showing off muscle to Chris is a little like a Ken doll facing down a Tonka truck. Chris's biceps put Joshua's into total eclipse. The younger man compliments the elder's peaks, though in an offhand way that suggests he is being merely magnanimous. A test of strength follows. The two wrestlers stretch their arms up and clasp hands over their heads. Chris presses Joshua down to one knee. Then, amazingly, Joshua is able to return the favor. Now the fight is on. What looked like effrontery earlier looks like strategy now. Joshua was using the posedown to spy out his opponent's weak spots, calculating which holds might be best to beat the man. The strategy works. Fall 1 goes to Josh, who boasts, "This was too easy," perhaps too hastily. This was destined to be an epic encounter between 2 BG legends!

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Mr. J squeezes his sculpted, powerful thighs around the beefy muscular frame of Chris Bruce

With his trunks wedged up his butt, Chris suffers in a headscissors

Joshua Goodman - 5'10, 180

Fold up schoolboy pin

Mr. J gets dirty! Wedgie & spank

Wedgie & back bender submission

Schoolboy: Chris Bruce plants his pouch on Mr. J's chin to show him what real man-muscle looks like

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