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  Joshua Goodman vs. Christopher Bruce

Working to lock on a cradle

Backing it up into Mr. J's face

Sexy boston crab variation

Huge quads crush Josh's head

Mister Joshua trapped under the male magnificence of his muscular opponent Chris Bruce

Turf War

The sweat generated by the first fall hasn't even cooled before Christopher Bruce plows into Mr. Joshua, exacting painful payback for the humiliating submission. The two wrestlers struggle for dominance, teeth gritted and eyebrows knit together. Joshua isn't smirking anymore. After a trial fall, Chris has pretty much sized him up. He's marked off the points for attack, and Mr. J isn't finding the match "too easy" now. Chris bends the man in half and then commences to tying him up in knots. He tells "Mister J" that the red star on the crotch of his golden yellow trunks is destined to land smack-dab on Joshua's face.

Each wrestler has something to prove here. Josh Goodman wants to establish his turf rights and solidify his rep as one of, if not THE sexiest BG stud. As he sees it, HE's the one true "legend" now, and it's time to put Chris Bruce out to pasture. The only way to make that happen is to convince the man that he has been replaced, as a wrestler and as resident muscle god, forcibly and permanently replaced, so he may as well clean the energy bars and bronzer out of his locker and just go home. He can't just outsmart the guy; he's got to outwrestle him and outmuscle him, too, and hopefully humble the hunk so that he goes away quietly, with his tail tucked between his legs, a legend no more.

They sort things out through a series of takedowns and posedowns. As Chris sees it, he's got a legacy to defend. In the past his bulldog tenacity brought him more fans than wins. He accepted Joshua's challenge not just out of nostalgia for the smell of the mats and the muscle burn that comes with a hard-fought match. He's here today to make Joshua the proxy for every know-it-all who dared to dismiss him for his win-loss record, who failed to recognize his talent and contribution to BG East, who, behind his back, called him overrated. They each employ holds which display the other's body to the fullest: leg splits which show off Mr. J's pride and joy, wedgies which showcase Chris' phenomenal butt, and bearhugs, headscissors and schoolboys which highlight their stunning masculinity. Whatever the outcome, the winner in this match is the fans ... because at last, and for the first time ever, BG East brings you the clash of two of its most exciting talents.

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Joshua Goodman vs. Christopher Bruce
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