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  Jake Jenkins vs. Jayden Mayne

Riding Jayden: Guillotine set-up

Rolling Jayden: Double chicken wing

Superstud Jake gets choked

Squeezing the air from the hunk

Jayden wisely uses his forearms to punish muscle boy his opponent in this neck cranking nelson

What It Takes: Rough, Tough Action and Two Hot Fighters

Jayden Mayne added some muscle for this fight. He trained a little harder, and a little longer - and he hates training! He pinned an 8x10 glossy of Jake Jenkins' face to his grappling dummy, damn near tearing the dummy's leg off by the end of the first week. Still Jake looks at him as if he doesn't "have what it takes" to be on the same mat with him. He comes on strong in the initial clench, but Jayden is right there with him, replying hold for hold. Jake is forced to reevaluate his first impression of the "rookie" and give credit where it's due. That word "rookie" scalds Jayden's ear, just as Jake knew it would.

This is a surprisingly even match, much more so than anyone could have imagined, even The Boss, even possibly Jayden. A little success goes to Jayden's head. He teases Jake about his hair: how pretty it is, how nice it smells - as he ties the fan fave into knots! "You trying to embarrass me in front of my fans?" Jake asks. Jayden smirks, and says, "You mean MY fans." But Jake's bronze muscle doesn't shrink because Jayden's got a snappy comeback, and his skill as a grappler is unmistakable as he locks himself on Jayden. The two struggle in a death-grip from which neither seem capable of breaking loose. Jayden slugs and chokes Jake, pulling no punches, but pulling plenty of Jake's nice-smelling hair. "Who's number one?" he taunts. Jake sneers and shoots back, "You're a bitch."

Wouldn't it be nice if, like in those old movies, this fight could end with Jake and Jayden learning to respect each other? Wouldn't it be cool if this could be a bonding experience for the two of them, and then ever-after they could be best of friends? Don't hold your breath. Throwing the rulebook out right now might not be Jayden's best move, given Jake's tried and true martial arts skills. "I know what it takes," he boasts menacingly. Jake flies back at him in beatdown mode. He senses Jayden's jealousy, and it fires him up. All his life he has dealt with haters who think he's had it easy because he has a Colgate smile and good hair. This bout will not have a happy ending. Somebody's going down and going down hard. Hard is what BG East fans come to us for. Hard is what they'll get!

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Jake Jenkins vs. Jayden Mayne
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