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  Tim Sheridan vs. Jake Ryder

Ryder's nipple twisting pec punishment

Scissors & wrist lock: CRY, BITCH!

Bubble butt trample backbender

Gut punching cute Timmy's soft belly

Tim rides Ryder in a bully boy pin and tells the cocky heel wanna-be tough guy: "I'M NO JOBBER!"

"I Want You Nice and Mad!"

Right off the bat, Jake Ryder gives us a clear picture of who he is as a wrestler. As already noted, he likes to dominate and humiliate the man he's wrestling. On the other hand, he doesn't want his intended victim just to roll over and play dead. Early in the match, Jake gives Tim Sheridan's dark hair a firm yank and coos, "I like it when you struggle." His long string of insults and cheap shots seem designed as much to light a fire under his opponent as to knock him down a peg or two. He uses dismissive epithets like "little wimp" and "little boy" to show Tim who's boss and to get under his skin enough that he'll put up a bigger fight. He uses the younger man's own arm to choke him and pleads with him to tap out, at one point whispering, almost seductively, "Submit." But when at long last Tim does give up, ending the first fall, Jake complains, "You give up too easy."

But Tim's the kind of wrestler who bides his time, waiting for his moment, seeking out the other wrestler's weaknesses. Other wrestlers make a point of starting out all gangbusters, to put their opponents on alert; Tim prefers to lull his man into a false sense of security - with sensuality. However, sometimes "he who hesitates is lost," and the slow boil is risky strategy to use against a new bad boy at BG East. Fall 2 gets off to a promising start as Tim scissors Jake between his strong thighs and presses the man's face deep into his crotch. Then, chickenwinging Jake's arm, he smashes the man's face down to the mat. Jake may have to rethink how much he likes it when Tim decides to put up a fight!

From a quiet beginning, with two quick and relatively easy submissions, the action escalates with hard punches to the ribs and midsection, along with lots of nose-to-balls abasement. But aggressive play is what fires these guys' rockets. When Jake delivers a heart-stopping blow to the sternum, Tim shouts angrily, "Get the hell off me!" Jake shoots back, "Make me. Can you make me? C'mon. I want you nice and mad. Show me what you got." Jake is tough all right, but is he savvy enough to realize that maybe Tim is only suckering him to believing he's got this match sewed up? What starts off looking like a predictable textbook squash match, quickly proves unpredictable. Part of the price for entry into the Leopard's Lair is private 'tutoring' from the Leopard himself, where Tim, we are told, both reveled and excelled. Is Tim conning Jake, or can Jake really make this sweet-faced kid his bitch? In the end, one of these guys goes to sleepytime. We won't spoil it by telling you which one. Very dramatic and sexy with two very well-matched opponents.

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Tim Sheridan vs. Jake Ryder
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