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  Austin Cooper vs. Patrick Donovan

Austin Cooper 5'9, 170

Pulling way back on a camel

Tight shiny blue legs clamp onAustin

Humiliating choke with his own tights

Awesome Austin crushes Patrick's midsection with his large muscular arms

Versatile Vandals

As a wrestler, Patrick Donovan is astounding, an amalgam of diverse and opposing qualities. He is both the seasoned veteran and the eternal stud, equally at ease in the roles of aggressor and victim, exhibiting both finesse and brute force, both in the ring and on the mat. His recent match with Steven Thomas in Gazebo Grapplers 11 is a benchmark of sensual and aggressive wrestling. Patrick has been our go-to guy for matches against both our sexiest pretty boys and our meanest brutes. For every Justin Pierce, Alexi Adamov, Z-Man, and Tyrell Tomsen he has broken in, he has also toughed it out with a badass like Dick the Prick, Kid Vicious, Glenn Scott, and Mean Marine. Patrick spans the spectrum of BG East's product line. Composed yet menacing figure, he remains a puzzling and aloof presence among the regulars on our roster - and universally popular.

Among our most recent crop of wrestlers, Austin Cooper is perhaps most capable of continuing Patrick's remarkable legacy at BG East. Very different from Patrick in style and physique, he nevertheless exhibits a proclivity for rising above categories and avoiding niches. He can be either All-American statuesque or an arrogant loose cannon. He is a beautiful hunk of man, yet he also possesses the skills, agility, and acumen of a trained mat wrestler. He is one of the rare wrestlers to get a Wrestler Spotlight less than a year after his debut. In one of those matches, against the redoubtable Kid Karisma, he smashed through whatever limits we might have supposed he had to prove himself a master of the breakneck timing and acrobatics of classic catch wrestling.

Everybody here was excited to see what might happen when Patrick and Austin finally met on the mat. In glossy black tights that shimmer every time his leg muscles flex, Austin cockily invites Patrick to test out his abs, running his palm over the silky yet steely grille under his chest. Confidently he cautions Patrick, "Don't break your hands." Patrick lets go a sharp blast aimed a couple of inches above Coop's navel. The blow obviously rocks Austin a bit more than he wants to let on. Still he stands, bracing himself a bit better for a second try. Austin barely flinches. He insists that Patrick give it one more shot. Patrick pauses dramatically. Then lightning fast he slaps Austin cross the mouth as a distraction before slamming the guy's gut and bending him in two. In a flash Patrick has got his man down on the mat in a full nelson, scissoring his waist from behind. Then with a deft repositioning of body weight, Patrick straddles Austin's waist and starts slugging recklessly, before sinking a sharp clawhold deep into the man's sinewy pec and armpit.

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Pinned up against the wall and relentlessly gut bashed

Patrick Donovan 6'1, 170

Arching high in a Boston Crab

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Full nelson bodyscissors lock

Big firm muscular pecs get clawed in the iron tight grip of muscle stud Austin

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