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  Austin Cooper vs. Patrick Donovan

Subduing the muscle boy

Driving a big knee into his spine

Bare assed Austin gets in his face

Double muscle butt bodyscissors

Suspended in the air, helpless in Austin's powerful arms, Patrick can't escape a painful hangman

Pride and Punishment

Patrick Donovan's quick mind calculates exactly how to take Austin Cooper apart. He has, he boasts, "so many options." Quicker than anyone would have thought possible he has the younger wrestler completely immobilized. "I'm going to give you a second chance." He offers to reverse Austin's challenge and give him a shot at his gut, instead. But Austin wants a replay of the original challenge, but "without [Patrick's] taking a cheap shot."

Patrick responds with a near stroke-inducing blow. With a man any less strapping than Coop, this punch would have meant curtains ... go-home-folks-the-show's-over-nothing-else-to-see-here. But the blast lights a fire under Austin, and he attacks Patrick with a rear choke that quickly transitions to a chickenwing, then a camel clutch. The veins of the veteran's throat swell as he gasps for air and feels the vertebrae start to buckle. After his earlier sacrifice of a potential submission win, Patrick might be expecting reciprocation now, a second "second chance." But Austin grinds him to a painful tapout, ending the first round. This is a humiliation that infuriates Donovan. Patrick explodes, tackles Austin, and starts choking him with his own arm. Tempers run short for both wrestlers.

The sleek tights get peeled off to reveal the thongs underneath. (Brace yourself because Austin's mighty buns are gonna smack you in the eyes! You only THINK you've seen a bubble-butt.) Both wrestlers grapple strenuously, fired as much by pride as by a drive to punish. Slugfests punctuate the bout, which we might not have expected of either man, but neither man shies away from them now. Austin can't comprehend the vehemence of Patrick's attacks, which are nothing like he expected watching the star's previous matches. "What the hell you doing?" he roars at one point. But live in the flesh and face to face, the men have an uncanny ability to get under the other guy's skin. Austin's had enough and threatens, "I'm going to knock you out!" Brave words, but does the pretty boy have the cojones to take down this legendary veteran once and for all? In this match, BG raises the bar on wrestling sensuality, pain, pride, and humiliation. A rollercoaster ride from here to the jawdropping finish with the bubbliest butts in the business. Not to be missed!

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Austin Cooper vs. Patrick Donovan
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Face first in Patrick's massive bulge, Austin is either forced to submit or endure the punishment

Folding crotch to face schoolboy humiliation. Austin places his pouch right no Patrick's face

Patrick's full nelson pit claw variant

Ready to strip the stud

Swelling crotch in a scissors

Knock out fig 4 headscissors

Big body to body muscular breath taking bearhug on bubble butted Patrick

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