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  Skip Vance vs. Kid Karisma  

Kid Karisma 5'8 - 170

Breaking Skip's slender cut body

Upside down bearhug pain

Cut abs get pounded

Slender Skip reaches up and grabs a hold of Kid K's muscular man meat

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

Kid Karisma stands on the mat in sexy side-laced black trunks, a buzzcut with sideburns, a hairy chest and ripped physique. What more could we ask for? Enter Skip Vance, a wrestler better known for his tan and haircut than his wrestling chops. Skip has been around. He has survived seven previous matches, including one against Jonny Firestorm, who basically used poor Skip as an instructional puppet for teaching BG East fans the various holds and moves in professional wrestling. Every now and then Skip pipes up and demands to be taken seriously as a wrestler. The Boss's typical response is to shut him up by tossing him to some hot hungry wolf who likes nothing better than to mess up pretty little things. But then we already mentioned Kid Karisma, didn't we?

Kid Karisma is something of an anomaly. He's got the face and body of a go-go boy, but the power and agility of a ninja, and the heart of a school yard bully. He's brought the toughest or next toughest fight most of his previous adversaries have ever had. Not that he always comes out on top, but even when he's taking the beating, destined to float belly up in the end, he fights like a rabid bobcat till his opponent is able to nail the lid down on him for real. He is notorious for absorbing punishment which brings other wrestlers to submission or even tears. But when his mouthy attitude succeeds in raising his foe's ire, no man sells the pain as eloquently, as sexily or noisily as Kid K.

Skip chuckles as he watches Karisma strike a variety of poses. Kid takes his posing and his body very seriously, and he does not like being mocked. So he slaps Skip's head between his sinewy thighs, grinding the twink's ears against the skull, while continuing to strike bicep poses for the happily accommodating cameras. Skip squirms pathetically at Karisma's feet, his head and perfect blond hair trapped between KK's powerful quads, while Karisma makes sure his hardball peaks get the right kind of backlight. Then he rolls Skip flat to the mat for some more attentive and personalized punishment. When Skip tries to reciprocate with a bearhug, Karisma's WTF expression makes it clear there's far too little bear in little Skippy's hug. Then he shows Skip what a serious hold should feel like, stretching the boy out, making his already long tan waist a little longer.

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Skip Vance vs. Kid Karisma
27 minutes
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Glorious g-string leg split. Skip has his flexibility put to the test

Back breaking muscle torture rack. Skip's slender cut body is broken in two over Kid K's back

Skip Vance 5'6 - 135

Reverse rib crushing bearhug

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