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  Skip Vance vs. Kid Karisma

Get up here blondie!

Very humpy folding press pin

Pouch to face schoolboy humiliation

Kid K's legs might break Skip in two

Kid K's ample muscular butt is on display in all its glory. Skip suffers between his manly quads

All I Have to Give

Kid K calls Skip Vance "Backstreet," being funny. To tell the truth, Skip would look right at home in a late 90s boy band. (One has to wonder whether, after Kid is done with him, Skip will be "Shattered" or "Unbreakable.") Clearly, there's some kind of chemistry between the two wrestlers. Skip can't stop himself from laughing, which infuriates Karisma. The ruggedly handsome heel locks the pretty blond in a reverse bearhug, and the laughter stops on the spot as Skip yelps, his face stricken by sharp, throbbing pain. Later, as he works Skip up close on the mat, Kid K murmurs taunts relating to his victim's smooth prettiness and then admits, a bit offhandedly, "Maybe I'm a little jealous."

Kid Karisma brings the pain. Fans appreciate that about him. He makes it real. He puts Skip through as harsh a regimen as he has experienced since Jonny Firestorm put him through the grinder in Submissions 8. In spite of this, or because of this, the two wrestlers draw closer, and the chemistry between them becomes even more pronounced. Having exhausted Skip with round after round of bullying, Kid K stands in front of his blond victim and strikes some more muscle poses. Skip gazes up at the ripped physique, hypnotized and worshipful. He reaches up and slides the black trunks down Karisma's thick, strong legs. Then, without warning, Skip grabs Kid K by the balls and twists!

We hope Skip knows what he's doing here, because, whether he does or doesn't, he's about to experience a shitstorm of crippling payback raining down on him, and soon. "Like to play with the big boys?" Kid K grumbles, half incensed and half enticed. How fun what comes next is for Skip only Skip can say, as Karisma's knuckle prints start to multiply over the blond's honey-tan skin. As we near the bout's climax, Karisma raises Skip to his shoulders to apply the dreaded (but weirdly exhilarating) torture rack. Skip looks like a sacrificial victim writhing on a pagan altar. "You ready for what's coming?" Kid taunts, speaking to either Skip or the fans. He positions his victim for what he calls his "favorite move ever" and ... but, no, you'll want to find that out for yourself, won't you? Even though the outcome of a fight like this one is rarely a surprise, what all this mayhem has been leading up to ... There is the mystery!

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Skip Vance vs. Kid Karisma
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Pain & pleasure. Kid K pets Skip's swelling pouch as he is helplessly restrained in his scissor hold

Hoisted high in the air & squeezed with all his might. Skip's energy is slowly drained

Thick powerful quads squeeze Skip

Agony from the smaller jobber

Returning the favor with his own pin

Bridging schoolboy pin smother

The spoils of victory. Skip painfully racked & carried off to become Kid K's new play thing

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