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  Morgan Cruise vs. Diego Diaz

Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 170

Big head bash onto the apron

Gut bashing ab stretch

Long legs squeeze tender ribs

Morgan snaps the 6'3 Latino over his knee in an impressive display of power and dominance

A Date with Destiny

Crushing Austin Cooper in body and soul was obviously a labor of love for Diego Diaz. It was his "destiny," as he put it, to destroy the painfully pretty muscleboy. He was so singularly focused on conquering impeccably tanned and toned Austin (and who blames him?), that it took just a little convincing to get the incredibly long, powerful Latino stud to agree to step back inside the ring. But the groundswell of excitement from the fans to see more of the ripped, raging rookie convinced The Boss to make it a top priority to sign the sexy stud with the rib crushing body scissors to another match. The only question was who could be as tempting for this voracious giant as the glorious golden boy Austin?

Leave it to The Boss to put his finger on precisely the prize to lure the Latino juggernaut back into action. When he first floated the idea of Diego facing Morgan Cruise, Diego scoffed. "You want me to wrestle that little thing?!" he asked, dripping with contempt. The sneer evaporated from his face when The Boss showed him Morgan's latest promotional shot, decked out in brand new gear, including a buffed and polished championship belt that Morgan has started wearing. Diego couldn't take his eyes off the belt. His biceps began pulsing, as if his whole body was already preparing to seize destiny by the balls once more and claim the glory - and Morgan's belt - for himself. "Tell the little man that if he's too scared to face me," Diego concluded, "he can just send me that belt in the mail."

Morgan Cruise, on the other hand, needs no convincing at all to face anyone, anytime. His star has been steadily on the rise as "The Mastodon" has had his eye fixed on his own wrestling destiny. From day one, he walked in the door predicting that he was destined to join the ranks of the nastiest, most notorious heels in BG East history. His first recorded outing at BGE was a heel training session at the hands and feet of Lon Dumont which he followed up with some personal private tutoring from the Leopard himself. It's no wonder he burst upon the scene a fully formed and ferocious heel. He nearly cracked one of Eli Black's ribs in his shocking victory over the supremely cocky MMA fighter. Morgan stepped it up another notch in his complete destruction and naked humiliation of the blueblood trust fund baby Damien Rush. When The Boss explained that Diego was determined to take Morgan's belt, The Mastodon didn't skip a beat. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

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Morgan Cruise vs. Diego Diaz
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Morgan breaks Diego's back over his well developed shoulders

Morgan sits on Diego's shoulders putting incredible pressure into this full boston crab

Diego Diaz - 6'3, 184 lbs

Driving a boot into his throat

Intense camel clutch

Suspended bow & arrow set-up

Diego's revenge: Single shoulder body vice backbreaker. Morgan screams out in agony

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