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  Morgan Cruise vs. Chace LaChance

Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 170

Hammerlock in the ropes

Surfboard stretch over knees

Sleeper hold on the muscle man

Mouthy Morgan shows the much larger Chace LaChance what a real man's bicep looks like

"Funny, you don't look so bad-ass to me!"

Morgan Cruise has enjoyed a meteoric rise since stepping into the BG East ring for the first time less than a year ago. His humiliating, humbling lessons learned at the hands of indy pro veteran heel Lon Dumont have come back to haunt one opponent after another.  Each and every outing since Morgan's first match has demonstrated "The Mastodon's" rapidly expanding repertoire of holds and moves, each one designed to inflict more soul-crushing devastation than the last.  The path of destruction he has left behind him has inspired more than a little respect and a whole lot of jealousy from wrestlers who've been in the business much longer. The locker room trash talk and backroom backbiting merely make Morgan smile. The more they talk, the more his reputation as a vicious heel grows.

From the beginning, Morgan made it clear that he had his sights set on joining the ranks of the nastiest heels to step foot in the BG ring. Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Kid Vicious, even The Boss himself comprise the elite tier of devasting dominators to which Morgan aspires. But with success comes hubris, and the locker room chatter lately has been that Morgan is no longer satisfied to join the ranks of the elite. He's reset his sights, and now he's decided that his goal is to outshine them all. The Boss appreciates ambition, of course. An ironclad ego and delusions of invincibility are essential characteristics of the best and brightest in the business. But for someone's who's been on the scene less than a year, you have to wonder whether Morgan's ambition and swelling ego can survive the bruising caliber of competition. Perhaps even more dangerous for Morgan, you have to wonder how far his ambitions will rise before he begins to try the patience of The Boss himself.

Chace LaChance, has also taken some hard lumps in his tenure at BG East, but more recently he has demonstrated that he has the hunger and the skills to come out on top in the ring. But honestly, we've never seen this Chace LaChance before. Having decided to move up a weight division in his bodybuilding competitions, and being sick and tired of getting outmuscled by bigger opponents in the ring, Chace has packed on astonishing muscle mass since last we saw him. He's at least 25 pounds heavier, every ounce is thick, powerful, gorgeously sculpted muscle - a beefy stud with a rock solid bubble butt.

"So you're that bad ass people have been telling me about" Chace asks Morgan as he arrives. "That's funny 'cause you don't look so bad ass to me." A side by side comparison of their physiques convinces Chace that the locker room chatter about Morgan is all hype. "I figured I'd be a little impressed," he says, watching Morgan pose, "but I'm not."

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Morgan Cruise vs. Chace LaChance
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Morgan hammers Chace's abs

With his boot planted deep between Chace's shoulder blades, Morgan surfs the big muscle boy

Chace LaChance - 5'9, 200

Showboating to The Mastodon

Breath taking shoulder tackles

Killer camel clutch in the ropes

It's all about technique: Morgan squeezes away at Chace's massive frame with a grinding bear hug

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